Golden Globes 2010 - Play by Play

Well well well! I’d like to start blogging again, so I might as well start with one of my play by plays…

Anyway, I’ve missed the first 15 minutes (kind of watched it, but had to clean up a bit before sitting down at the laptop). A couple comments - Christian Bale looks like Jesus, Scarlett Johannsen had a great dress, but her hair looked like the bride of Frankenstein, and it sounded like Ricky Gervais’ jokes were funny, but I couldn’t hear them.

Here we go with the rest…

7:17 - Haven’t seen any of the mini-series/tv movie nominies except for Temple Grandin, so that’s my pick because I really loved the movie. I hope Temple’s in the audience….but the winner is Carlos. Oh well!
–side note - there is a massive crumb of something stuck under the K on my keyboard, so every time I use that letter I have to press extra hard. I don’t want to try and fish it out, because that means it may go down to the M, which I use more than K. That’s what happens when you let your kids use your laptop!

7:20 - Looks like everyone is going overtime with their speeches. Which means this shindig should be over by tomorrow at noon. Its pretty bad - I think Christian Bale is still making his speech somewhere in the corner.

7:24 - I’m SO SO SO happy for Chris Colfer winning the Golden Globe. I’m actually misty. Actually, any win in this category would be a win - there were a lot of great people nominated. But a win for Chris is a win for Glee, as well as a win for the struggle of young gays going through what Chris does every week in his show.

8:01 - Had to feed the baby (more on that some other time) so I missed a bit. Anyway - Robert Downey Jr. is always a funny presenter. All of the Best Actress nominees are excellent - it could go to any of them and I’d be happy…but it goes to Annette Benning. Wish it was Julianne Moore, because I’d LOVE for her to get an Academy award. She totally deserves it.

(missed stuff do to laundry)

8:20 - Glad that Claire Danes won the award for Temple Grandin, and that Temple was there to see it.

8:22 - Not a fan of Zack Efron’s new hair.

8:25 - I wonder how long the “rivalry” between Steve Carrell and Ricky Gervais will go on…it’s getting a little old. However, I do love the chemistry between Carrell and Tina Fey. Good bit. I haven’t watched Inception, but from all the people going gaga over it, it sounds like it should be the winner…or the Facebook movie, which is getting all the hype. And the winner is….The Social Network. Watched it…great movie, definitely the movie of our generation. (or is it the generation after me? or after that? man, I’m OLD.) “Smart girls have more fun…” says Sorkin. Yes, yes we do.

8:29 - Mmm…Chris Helmsworth is good on the eyes. Maybe I WILL watch that Thor movie. Jane Lynch wins best supporting actress. Go Jane! Definitely an awesome character, and I’m so happy that she’s been getting recognition…I’ve loved her for a long time. Too bad for Dave that he doesn’t get to see Sofia Vergara and her boobs bounce up to the stage to accept the win - because it would have been rightfully deserved. An awesome, funny acceptance speech that didn’t run overtime.

(I realize I’m two minutes behind because I rewound the show to show Dave that the kid from The Kids are Alright is the same one from Little Manhattan. IMDB resolves the dispute in the end.)

8:47 - I really want to see Burlesque. I don’t care if it’s a bad story, it looks and sounds awesome!

8:49 - Kaley Cuoco’s reaction after Jim Parsons won the Golden Globe was so awesome and genuine. Why do they have presenters who work with the nominees? I don’t watch the show, but I have a feeling that the character Jim plays is very close to his own personality.

8:50 - When Jeremy Irons speaks, I close my eyes and pretend it’s Scar from the Lion King speaking. It’s fun. Try it.

9:00 - Robert DeNiro gets a well deserved Cecil B. DeMille award. I shall use this time to vacuum the Moon Dough explosion from the play room. Multi-tasking, that’s me!

(someone else had to use my computer, so I’ll fill in my thoughts later)

9:24 - Dave is a big fan of Halle Berry’s miniskirt, which he felt was sorely lacking from the women at the show. Natalie Portman is so incredibly beautiful - I know of no other actress in her league. Every time I think of Jennifer Love Hewitt playing Audrey Hepburn I want to scream, knowing that Natalie was born for that role. Also, I’m obsessed with Mila Kunis’ eyes. She looks like a real life Bratz doll.

9:34 - Natalie Portman wins! I’ve loved her ever since she was in The Professional. Smart, beautiful, graceful, classy, she has it all! Great speech…please don’t play her off, orchestra!

9:47 - Sandra Bullock looks great…love the bangs! Glad Colin Firth won Best Actor - I haven’t watched the movie, but he’s a great actor.

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2011-01-23 17:21:33

Anonysomus says

Thanks for the post yano and welcome to your blog ;)

2011-01-23 23:48:10

Komodo Dragon says

I too was quite happy to see Jim Parsons win it. And watching Kaley’s reaction was indeed special, she was genuinely happy for him. The show has definitely captured the heart of the global audience. Hope they keep the formula the same.

2011-01-26 21:31:14

used tires says

Pretty fun to see a timeline of went on during that day for Yano! My day compared to yours is alot different, hehe.


2011-02-01 06:46:39

Komodo Dragon says

I read Ricky Gervais said he won’t host the awards again even if they asked him to. He is really angry at all the negative reaction to his comments and jokes. I think people need to have a sense of humor. It was the most entertaining Golden Globe awards show ever because of him only.

2011-02-01 13:45:30

sekloster says

don’t worry about it too much. ;)


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