Dude, Where’s My Blog?

Wow, it’s been more than 2 months since I’ve posted on this thing!!! The only comments I get now are spam (though it’s really insightful spam comments, which I appreciate, rather than your average p0rrn spam comments). Life has been TOTALLY hectic and I’ve seriously been unmotivated to do anything outside of working, chasing around Ben, eating and sleeping.

But I want to change! Llet’s get this baby up and running again!

There’s a lot of things going on, first and foremost - the Olympics! As well as moving to a new place, which is even further from the city - seriously, they have cows here. Also, Ben is in school, and liking it. Aaaaand other fun surprises…

We’ll see what happens…I’ll start by liveblogging the Opening Ceremonies tonight, and posting up the pictures that I’ve taken in the last few months of my blog-exile. And of course, you can always see what I’m currently up to with my twitter feed above.

See you soon!

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2010-02-12 20:58:30

Tara Kekahuna says

I knew you write something considering the Olympics were starting. :)

2010-02-12 21:39:09

Anonymous says

You are preggars!

2010-02-13 05:28:44

used tires says

Welcome back. Bet you’re pretty excited about the Olympics as most of us are. Enjoy it!

Till then,


2010-02-15 17:02:22

Laptop Briefcases says

I agree that the spam comments have over-run your blog a bit. Too many people are using some type of automated software to leave comments that aren’t even relevant.

Glad to hear that you are excited about the Olympics. I live in Vancouver. So I’m hearing all about it everyday.

2010-02-16 10:09:18

Karl says

Well, if it makes you feel any better, I got you beat. I haven’t updated my blog in almost 9 months. I think that’s what a 3 1/2 yo daughter and 1 1/2 yo son does to you.
I love your fall layout on this page. Where’s the winter one? ;-)

2010-03-03 14:00:18

Nino says

i’ve been at a blogging standstill myself. glad to see yours is still up.

2010-03-04 04:10:19

used tires says

Same here Nino, it’s hard to get motivated to sometimes. Happens to all of us. :(

Till then,


2010-03-11 13:08:06

Laptop Briefcases says

So what are you up to now that the Olympics are over? I think a lot of people suffer from withdrawal once they have to switch back to regular tv programming.

2010-04-05 16:34:47

Laptop Briefcases says

You really need to do something about all this spam. I recommend at least installing akismet.


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