The Big Move

This time I have an excuse for not posting as much - we’re moving!

Those of you who follow my tweets (which are at the top of the blog, depending on which skin you’re using) have probably figured it out already, but we’re moving to a place that’s closer to where Dave works. We’d put our house on the market last year right before the real estate meltdown, so it took us a while to sell our place. We were worried that it wouldn’t sell at all, but fortunately we were able to come to an agreement with a buyer in the last couple months.

In a way, it feels good to finally sell the house. It was pretty stressing to pack our stuff and whenever people were interested in viewing the house, having to stop everything to clean our place up and make it presentable. Sometimes I didn’t know where we had packed something, or I’d be digging through boxes to find something I didn’t think I needed. Now, we can buy a new home and not worry about selling our old one. It’s a big relief!

But another part of me is really going to miss this home. This is where Ben has spent the first several years of his life. It’s full of memories. This house has been good to us. I remember when we first moved in, how awesome it felt to wake up in the morning and walk around my own home.

So now, we’re still going to be in that in-between phase, renting while we are house hunting, waiting patiently until we find THE house, most likely the house that we’ll spend the rest of our lives in. I’ll still be digging through boxes when I realize that I’ve stored something that I needed, but at least I can breathe easy knowing that there isn’t anything holding us back when we actually do find the house of our dreams.

This whole experience has left me with a lot to talk about, so hopefully once our internet is hooked up on Tuesday (seriously, I don’t know if I’ll last that long without the internet!) I’ll have some good posts to write, like about my hoarding tendency or Ben’s take on this whole ‘moving’ thing.

Until then, let me leave you with this:


Seriously, I don’t think I’ve been this stressed since I was planning for my wedding! Maybe even more!

Take care, peeps.

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2009-11-23 06:52:18

Enda says

How they say. people’s nothing like home

2009-11-24 14:41:22

Briefcases says

Congrats on selling your house. It looks like a lovely house. So I’m sure you will miss it. At the same time, I’m sure you will find a new house that you’ll grow to love just as much.

2009-11-24 14:45:57

ATV says

Moving closer to Dave’s work is a good idea. Nobody wants to waste a lot of their time commuting back and forth from work. I sure don’t enjoy my 30-40 minute drive to and from work each day.

2009-11-27 19:51:43

Used Tires says

I’ve moved several times in my life, so I can understand what you mean when you say that moving sucks. The worst part for me is just the physical labor of the move.

Till then,


2009-12-01 15:28:31

Laptop Briefcases says

For me it’s not so much the physical labor that I don’t like. It’s more that I don’t like having to organize everything in boxes and then find new homes for everything when unpacking. Actually lifting the boxes and furniture isn’t so bad. It’s kind of like going to the gym.

2009-12-02 17:38:40

Trisha says

Good for you! Good luck in your search for the next perfect house!

2009-12-12 07:48:29


The house is very clean. nice post

2010-01-05 17:31:47

Laptop Briefcases says

Congrats on the big move. I’m sure your husband will appreciate the shorter drive to and from work. Nobody wants to be stuck in traffic for longer than they absolutely need to. I might move closer to my work for the same reason.

2010-01-18 18:28:13

dian says

wow you have beautiful house. I think you don’t have any problem about that.

2010-02-02 17:10:20

Laptop Briefcases says

Moving to a new house must be quite exciting. I’ve never owned my own home. So it’s not quite the same when you move from one rental to another.


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