Annual Pumpkin Carving

Changed out the layout in honor of my favorite holiday!

Last weekend we had our annual cousin pumpkin carving night. Every year more and more people come, which makes for a good time, even though we’re all fighting for table space to work on our creations.

This year was the first year that most of the kids could actually help out with the carving, and they were all pretty excited. We had a whole gang of people surrounding the table! Ben was pretty hyped since he’s seen so many jack-o-lanterns on TV lately. He was pretty picky with our design - he didn’t want it to be too scary, but not too boring. He settled for a mischievous little devil.

Because they’re lazy, they’re men (boys?) and they like to play with power tools, the guys used a power saw-thing to cut the tops off their pumpkins (I have a picture somewhere, but forgot to upload, maybe I’ll do it tomorrow). I prefer the old-fashioned way - using the dinky safety knives to start out my pumpkin. Ben was really interested in the process until I took off the top and he saw all the pumpkin innards and seeds. Too gross for mr. clean! I asked him if he wanted to help me clean out the inside of the pumpkin and he said No, then proceeded to hop off the chair and head towards the toys, telling me to call him when the pumpkin was done.

After a couple minutes, the rest of the kids were bored with the carving, so it was just adults after a while. Poor Maui is always left every year doing Jillian’s pumpkin, which means it would be something extremely girly -this year it was Princess Jasmine.

So below you’ll see our creations (click on the thumbs to see a bigger picture - hover over the left or right to get navigation arrows). As always, it was a great time - the food was AWESOME (nothing better than Brazilian chicken pot pie), I got to hang out with my cousins and we managed to get in a game of Apples to Apples, which Marilyn brought. I assume that she brought it because she’s played it before and thought she’d school us, but I had an early lead. We poked fun at Dave for not having any cards at all mid game, but he ended up kicking all our butts at the end!

Little Devil Tinkerbell Grim Reaper Spooky Face
Darth Vader Ghost Dragon  

Halloween costume pictures to come this weekend!

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2009-11-02 15:09:07

Briefcases says

Wow those are some great jack-o-lantern designs. We carved pumpkins the other day too. We took the easy route and just drew the designs ourselves. They looked nowhere as good as these ones though.

2009-11-04 09:40:21

pomah blog says

it is sad, that i dont know how to carve pumpkin, but those are very nice carving of pumpkins

2009-11-04 15:29:55

ATV says

Personally I think it takes some fun out of it by using stencils. All of the pumpkins I have carved have been my own drawings. Even though I have little artistic talent, it adds more of a personal tough to it. Still your pumpkins do look great.

2009-11-06 19:16:02

Bratwurst Recipes says

This is awesome!!! “Annual cousin pumpkin carving night”
I imagine you had a great time with your family.
By the way, the pumpkins look great!

2009-11-07 08:29:34

mica says

my cousin is a professional pumpkin carver, he can carve the face of any shape

2009-11-09 15:17:12

ATV says

Wow that must make for some great pumpkins. I really should get a professional pumpkin carving knife next year.

2009-11-09 21:22:08

Monkey! says

Awesome pumpkins!

2009-11-11 20:58:48

Trisha says

These are some great designs.

2009-11-11 21:01:23

Trisha says

And off topic for all you Illini fans:

Have you seen this about Jeff Jordan:

Jeff Jordan Pointlessly Suspended for Victimless Crime

2009-11-24 22:40:24

Used Tires says

Pretty awesome Pumpkin Carving creations you all made =D

Till then,


2009-12-02 17:02:46

Laptop Briefcases says

Do you have a particular source for pumpkin stencils? While I like creating my own design, it would also be cool to try something more intricate.

2010-01-06 00:12:07

used tires says

That’s a great question Laptop! Would be great to know for sure :D

Till then,



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