My Little Lion

Whenever we used to go to parties where there was a face painter, Ben was always reluctant to get his face painted, even though he was always fascinated with the faces of the other painted children. He just could never sit still to have anything done, and couldn’t stand having someone touch his face.

Last year, we had gone to the Santa Monica Farmer’s Market when we were in town, and there was a woman who was painting faces. I persuaded Ben to try it, and that it would be quick and easy. She did a quick smiley face on his cheek, and he loved it.

So this year, I asked him if he wanted his face painted again at the market. He was totally excited and even stated that he wanted to become a lion. His heart sank when we got there and there was no face painter to be found. I tried to distract him with other things, but he never forgot to mention the face painter.

Later in the day, though, the face painter came, and Ben went right up to her and requested to be a lion. I was a little nervous that he wouldn’t sit still for such a detailed job, but he was a total trooper and sat still the whole time, patiently waiting for his transformation.

He was overjoyed with the results, so much that he kept it on the whole day, complete with a little roar for anyone who asked, and he didn’t want to wash it off that night.

Now, he wants his face painted all the time. I’ll probably buy a kit off the internets since the Halloween stuff that’s out there is a little scary because most of them aren’t supposed to be used for kids his age. I’ll definitely post up our creations…heck, maybe it might even turn into a side job if I end up being good at this kind of thing!

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2009-10-07 11:24:05

1080i vs p says

Hey,this little Lion is so lovely.

2009-10-07 16:27:25

ATV for Sale says

He looks adorable as a lion. I’m glad that he overcame his anxiety about face painting and gave it a try. Most kids love face painting. That’s funny that he didn’t want to wash it off.

2009-10-07 18:24:41

Trisha says

That’s so cute.

2009-10-09 16:29:49

Nino says

Cool Lion… how about a Monkey?

2009-10-13 16:59:28

ATV for Sale says

I’m sure he would make a good monkey too, but boys are more interested in vicious animals like tigers. I don’t think he would appreciate a monkey as much.

2009-10-26 20:11:43

Bratwurst Recipes says

Good job on the painting!!! He looks so adorable!!! I understand that he didn’t want to wash the paint from his face; It is typically of that age. Kids love face painting.

2009-11-01 05:05:17

used tires says

Awww Your little Lion is so cute =D As a kid I liked lions, and I msut say… Lions are the best! =D

Till then,


2009-11-07 08:33:31

mica says

awesome, very cute boy, my nephew who is 4 years old love to have paint in his face.

2009-11-09 15:18:59

Briefcases says

I miss getting face paintings as a child. I would probably be too embarrassed to get it done now. I guess I will have to wait till I have children to experience this kind of fun again.

2009-11-12 19:22:05

used tires says

@Briefcases, what about for Halloween? hehe And what about all those people who paint their faces for football games? lol

Till then,


2009-11-29 15:29:15

film says

hehe its funnay very sweet:)

2009-12-11 09:00:30

Sözlük says

awesome, very cute boy


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