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Michael Jackson

I was waiting a bit for all the MICHAEL JACKSON IS DEAD! hoopla to end before posting this. That, and I’ve just been really lazy about posting lately. I know that we’ve all be tired about the Michael Jackson overload from last week, but hopefully we can go on with the rest of our lives. So just one more little thing before I move on with life without Jacko.

In the last decade or so, Michael Jackson had been a bit cuckoo. Marrying Elvis’ daughter, the molestation charges, hanging his baby off a balcony, walking around with his kids in masks and lets not forget how unrecognizable his face had become because of all his plastic surgery. I admit, I had written him off - until he died.

It’s almost like one of those “Where were you moments” that you have in your life - for me, several of those moments had been the explosion of the Challenger (we were in class, but were all brought into a classroom with other gradeschool classes to watch the news as our teachers told us what was going on), the death of Princess Diana (sitting at home watching Saturday Night Live) and 9/11 (was late to work after seeing the first plane hit the WTC, thought it was an accident). In this case, I had stepped out to get a really late lunch and came back to my home laptop and saw a bunch of tweets (Twitter postings) speculating his death. From then on, all that you saw on TV and the news was MJ related.

For as much has he’d been Wacko Jacko over the last few years of his life, those didn’t dominate my first thoughts in the wake of his death. Instead, I was brought back to 1984, as a little girl sitting on her grandmother’s bed, crossing her fingers and toes and praying with her whole heart that Michael Jackson would win all the Grammy awards he was up for. He was the king back then, and she loved him. My love for his music rushed back to me - not just the standard favorites, like “Thriller” and “Billie Jean”, but songs like “Scream” (with sister Janet), “Can You Feel It” (with the Jackson Five) and “Ben” (a song about a pet rat, but I think about my kid when I hear it). He really had some really amazing songs, and no matter what was going on behind the scenes, you have to admit that he was an incredible performer. If you look at the choreography today, you can see so much from his style - Chris Brown, Usher, Justin Timberlake, Wade Robson - they all give credit to MJ.

Even with the overabundance of coverage by the media, I couldn’t help but watching the funeral. There was a lot of potential for it to be over the top, but I think it was well done. The more that I listened to the people who knew him, who loved him, the more I realized that the craziness that was MJ before his death was more a result of the pressures and trauma of never really having a regular childhood, never leading a “normal” life. Someone who couldn’t rid himself of the demons that haunted him, that trusted too many. I held up pretty well during the memorial (you know, I’m a cryer), but misted up during Brook Shields’ emotional speech. I was ready for it to be over after the “We are the World” sing-a-long.

But then little Paris Katherine came up and spoke, and that’s when the waterworks began. It was totally unexpected that this little girl, who had been hidden from us for so long, would come up and speak about her father, a man we only knew from the stage and the tabloids. Her words were short and sweet, and she tried to say something I think anyone who has lost a parent tries to convey to express their grief - that her father was the best father anyone could ask for. The public could never completely grasp the relationship that those kids had with their father, how much he loved them, and how much he wanted to protect them.

Aaaaaaanyway….I’m rambling.

So he’s dead.

I’ll miss him. More than I thought I’d miss him.

…and I’ll go on with my life because really, I never knew him. But I’ll keep his memory alive by giving a big clap and “Aww yeah!” and a little groove each time I hear one of his songs - which is something I would have done anyway…

On a related side note: Yesterday we were driving home, and a sweet convertible with two studs sped past us. We looked at their license plate and laughed to see that it read “J E R K”. We came up next to them at a stop light, and to our surprise, they were blasting Michael Jackson’s “Man in the Mirror” and totally singing along and jammin’. HILARIOUS.

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2009-07-14 04:40:41

used tires says

Hi Yano, I am sure you are not the last ;-) hehe, but Michael was definitely a great performer, he will be missed that’s for sure. I have also seen alot of cars by my area playing Michael Jackson songs :) it is a great thing!

Till then,


2009-07-15 03:09:32

Rain says

It is a great thing.

His music spoke much louder than his actions because it is a great thing!

2009-07-16 13:24:02

Dan says

It’s been 3 weeks now and it still hasn’t sunk in. I wasn’t the biggest MJ fan in the world but you didn’t have to be to be affected by how brilliant he was.

His music will live on and we have to be greatful he existed in the first place! RIP MJ…

2009-07-16 14:13:29

Cash Back says

I feel sorry for the guy. He was obviously under enormous pressure and stress through his whole life. It seemed like part of him played off the press generated from his so called craziness. Another part seemed ashamed and depressed. His excessive plastic surgery may have been part of that farce and somewhat of an artistic statement. With that much money you’d think they could make him look normal. Anyways RIP Michael. Your memory will live on for decades.

2009-08-05 23:02:49

Hardwood Flooring Tampa says

No one can take MJ place, no one cab be like MJ, No once sing or dance like MJ so we always miss him you are absolutely right…… :’-(

2009-08-07 13:15:30

Best Hawaii Beach says

I’m not a huge fan of Michael Jackson, not because of who he was, but because his music isn’t my style. Just the same, his death was a shocker….
Like you said, I was also completely undone when his daughter spoke… It was so touching and gave everyone a little glimpse of reality, that what everyone knew of Micheal (everything the press showed, what the critiques said and all the publicity) was only a little piece of him.

2009-08-12 23:47:50

Human Resource Management says

All knows Michel Jackson amazing personality and specially like God, Ideal and Inspiration for lots and lots of people never forgettable person were born on earth.


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