Free Comics on May 2nd!

Every year, the comic book community holds “Free Comic Book Day”, where you can walk into your local comic book store and get free comics. Hence the name. Anyway, I’ve loved comics since I was a teen, and am always trying to get more people to read them. Comic books aren’t all superheroes in spandex…there’s a lot of comics out there for all kinds of people. It’s great that comic book movies have done well, for the most part, since they bring in more readers, but I’d love for comics to be as popular as they were when I was younger.

Here’s some of my favorite comics that may interest you:

Y: The Last Man: Anytime someone tells me that they’re interested in comics, I usually give them my TPB of this comic (TPB = trade paper back, a compilation of several issues of a comic). What would happen to the world if all the males - human and animal, all died at the same time and women were left to rule the earth? What would you do if you realized that you were the only man left? This comic is about Yorrick, a twenty-something who searches for why all the men died, and why he is the only one left living. Along the way he has to survive in a world that has evolved into a society of women, some good, some bad, and all having an ulterior motive when they find out about Yorrick. It’s AWESOME. Excellent story by Brian K. Vaughn and art by Pia Guerra.

Fables: Imagine your childhood storybook characters living in present day New York. But they’re not the cutesy characters you remember, they’re much more real than that. Snow White and Prince Charming are divorced because he’s a womanizer. She ends up marrying The Big Bad Wolf, who really isn’t that bad, just really grumpy with a bad temper. Pinocchio is really pissed that he’s still a little boy. All the non-human characters live up at “the Farm”, because people would notice 3 little pigs walking and talking around the city. They’re all trying to live a normal life, and trying to get back to “the Homelands” where they escaped years ago after an invasion by “the Adversary”.

Shrugged: What if the angel and devils you see in movies that sit on people’s shoulders were real? What if there were beings that helped you make choices, big and small? Paper or Plastic? Left or right? Love or hate? Young teen Theo has been assigned the two sides of his conscience, Ange and Dev, who will try to sway him towards good or bad. In the end, though, their main goal is to watch out for him. Sweet art by Micah Gunnell, and story by Frank Mastromauro and the late (and incredibly awesome) Michael Turner.

So if you’re interested, head out to your local shop on May 2nd and pick up some free books - take a little time to browse the store and see if maybe something catches your interest! Check out the Free Comic Book Day website to see what free comics are going to be available. There’s some good ones there! Hugh Jackman wants you to ! (see the Wolverine trailer afterwards)

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