10 Things on My “To Do” List

Finally updated my page layout…I’m getting better and better at vectoring (yes, I did all the grass in the header) and it’s getting to be a lot of fun, though pretty time consuming! Anyway, go ahead and use the navigation bar to change it to the new layout (go to the YWIM default or “Spring” if you want to see it).

Also, here’s my 10 on Tuesday for this week:

I’ve got a million and one “projects” that I have started and haven’t finished, or that I haven’t started at all…here’s a couple of them…

1. Scanning our wedding photos - from 6 years ago
2. Putting together a baby album for Ben - who’s turning 3
3. Organizing all my mp3’s
4. Working on my digital painting skillz
5. Getting together some photography samples for business cards
6. Finishing up my family tree
7. Burn old VCR tapes to DVD
8. Make green tea cupcakes with green tea cream cheese frosting
9. Get new glasses
10. Exercise

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2009-03-31 06:11:05

Torrie says

Hi Christine!

I’m sure this is only a fraction of your list, too. I have the same problem…
If you want to outsource any of this, I can help you with numbers 1, 2, and 7. That’s what I do!
Unfortunately I can’t help with number 10, and don’t think you’d want my help with number 8. ha!

2009-03-31 09:07:03

Gal Friday says

That list is impressive and makes me tired(I have given up on trying to get my photos in order…*sigh*)

2009-04-01 23:37:52

Joey Logano says

I always love checking things off when I get it done on my “to do” list, it always feels so rewarding! :)

2009-04-02 13:25:48

Sue says

Love the knew layout!!

2009-04-02 13:26:40

Sue says

That should be “new”. Shouldn’t post when not feeling well. :-(

2009-04-02 18:32:51

Aleiah says

come scrap with us! i guarantee you’ll finish ben’s 0-6mos album (at least)! plus, between me and mel, you’ll have all the scrappin’ toys you can possibly dream of to work with…just bring paper! :-)


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