113 Days Later

You guys may remember that I started doing the “365 Days” photo challenge earlier this year. I’ve realized that not only do I not have enough time, I also just forget to take a picture every day, and found myself “cheating” to get that 1 a day photo. So I’ve decided to end this run of my challenge, and maybe pick it up again some other time. However, I still want to try and take more pictures, which is why I participated in the first place. I’ve taken some really great photos and would never have gotten them if I hadn’t taken part.

So here’s some of my favorite pictures - you can see my whole 365 photoset here. I’ll keep on taking pictures and adding to it, but there will no longer be daily photos (not like I was uploading them daily anyway!)

Sassy Ornament (30/365) Hiding (34/365) Ex-Cons Can Win, Too (38/365) Chandelier (54/365)
Ball Macro (56/365) Calla Lily (66/365) Red Sunflowers (69/365) Special Pancakes (72/365)
Rose Cameo (63/365) Ear Shadow  (75/365) Roses for Goodbyes  (90/365) Flintstone Vitamins (112/365)

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2009-03-28 16:24:54

bumblebootie says

ha! i gave up on this one a LONG time ago. I think I got about 2 months… hehehe… that pic of ben is my absolute FAVE! =D

2009-03-28 16:38:53

Joey Logano says

The first photo of the little chicken is so cute!!!

2009-03-30 08:36:41

Nino says

The Ben pancakes are so cool… yeah the 365 challenge is quite a task - if i tried, it’d be about 360 boring pictures just to do it.


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