Eye Surgery Tomorrow

Dilated Eye (85/365), originally uploaded by Yano.

Tomorrow I’m getting some eye surgery done…not as detailed as the one I had in 2004. This one is just some laser surgery to take care of some weaknesses in my retina. Since I’ve already had a detached retina, it’s suggested that I have surgery to take care of any weaknesses, just in case.

So I’m gonna get up at the buttcrack of dawn to drive over to my dad’s place, who’s going to drive me to my eye doctor, have my surgery, and then going back to work. It’s not going to be the 2 week drugged up recovery I had last time!

I’ve actually had this on my “to do” list for the last couple years, but decided to do it this week since we’re going to Whistler next week for some snowboarding, and I don’t want to knock out my retina with a bad fall…

Wish me luck!

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2009-03-09 16:09:51

Trisha says

2009-03-10 10:27:59

Marie says

Oh wow, I remember when you talked about the detached retina! That was so scary.

2009-03-10 11:50:27

Dintz says

You might want to check out your blog’s layout, it looks a bit messed up with Maxthon.

2009-03-11 12:57:21

Yano says

Thanks for the heads up…haven’t used Maxthon before, but I’ll check it out. Planning on changing the layout anyway!

2009-03-10 15:42:49

Denizzy says

I’m a little late to say good luch, so instead I’ll say I hope it went well!

2009-03-11 05:43:52

Shannon says

You and your crazy retina’s lady…Hope all goes well!!!

2009-03-11 08:48:06

Nino says

2009-03-11 14:31:47

Yano says

Thanks for the well wishes, everyone! It went well…the treatment was basically my doctor holding my eye open as he flashed an incredibly bright green laser into my eye, sealing the weak parts of my retina into the back of my eye…or something like that. The light was intense and there was a small amount of pain, but it was quick…only about 15 minutes. I was back to work right after that, only having to deal with the annoyance of one really dilated eye.


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