Academy Awards, 2009

Here we go with this year’s Academy Awards! I would have posted my bets for the winners, but I just didn’t have time AND I haven’t seen any movies this year…

7:32 - Hugh Jackman is hosting. I don’t care if he busts, or if he’s not funny. I just love the eye candy. Mmmmm….yummy!
7:36 - I love hearing Anne Hathaway sing. The opening musical piece is pretty good. Much props to Hugh….it’s taken some guts to do this.
7:37 - Yay, a Wolverine mention. The geek in me is so happy!
7:43 - Several past Supporting Actress winners come back to present. I wonder if they’re going to be bringing past winners back for all the awards. If so, the audience is gonna get a lot of exercise sitting and standing for those ovations. With that said, I love that the nominated actresses are getting such a wonderful introduction by these women. Also, is it just me, or are all the nominees on the verge of crying?
7:47 - Penelope Cruz wins! I’m so happy…I remember seeing her in a movie for the first time, almost a decade ago, in a movie where she was just a young woman. Even then she was amazing, and you couldn’t take your eyes off her. It’s good to see her to get rewarded for her hard work.
7:57 - Milk wins for Best Original Screenplay…great, inspiring speech but Dustin Lance Black. If I could get the transcript, I’d write it here. Maybe I will later. I’m torn about which movie I want to win - Slumdog Millionaire or Milk. Both would make an incredible statement. Here’s part of Black’s speech:

“If Harvey had not been taken from us 30 years ago, I think he would want me to say to all the gay and lesbian kids out there tonight who have been told they are less than by the churches, by the government, by their families, that you are beautiful, wonderful creatures of value, and that no matter what anyone tells you, God does love you and that very soon, I promise you, you will have equal rights, federally, across this great nation of ours,

8:19 - I’ve zoned out for a bit, entertaining Ben and trying to figure out where to have his birthday party…
8:25 - Robert Pattinson looks like a vampire. Perfect casting, Twilight.
8:31 - I can never get tired of seeing Natalie Portman…she’s incredible. I just wish she’d live up to the potential we saw in The Professional. The thing with Ben Stiller was a little weird, though…
8:38 - Jessica Biel’s face looks beautiful, but her dress looks a little weird. The bottom looked a little off - if it was on Project Runway, the judges would have complained about it didn’t fit right at the bottom.
8:46 - Loved Judd Apatow’s short film based on the Pineapple Express honoring this year’s comedies, even though several of the movies featured were dramas. Good stuff!
8:54 - I’m liking this tribute to musicals. Is it just me, or does it seem like Hugh is singing live and Beyonce is lipsynching?
9:04 - Everytime I see Christopher Walken I have to laugh. He raises every movie he’s in to another level of awesomeness.
9:07 - Heath Ledger wins…I was really hoping for this. He truly deserved this award, he truly transformed himself for the role. *sniff*
9:16 - Dude, who was the guy who was balancing the Oscar on his chin? I was talking to Dave and totally missed it.
9:26 - Benjamin Button wins best Visual Effects? What the–did Iron Man and The Dark Knight split the nerd vote?!?
9:32 - Slumdog wins for sound mixing. The recipient gives a very interesting speech about the sounds of the movie, and it makes me just want to watch this movie all the more!
9:35 - Slumdog wins again, this time for film editing. Could the little movie that could make it all the way to the end? I can only imagine how amazing, overwhelming and wonderful this whole experience is for the young stars of the movie, especially Dev Patel, who has been constantly happy the whole night. (and who coincidentally reminds me of my old manager, who was a really awesome and fun to hang out with).
9:46 - Wow, Jerry Lewis lost a lot of weight. You know who else lost weight? Anthony Hopkins. Did you see him in the audience? He got skinny! Did Hannibal Lecter give up meat? (I’m totally laughing because I think I’m clever). Thanks to Jerry Lewis for the short and sweet speech.
9:58 - Whew! Me, Dave and Ben just had a dance break during the Best Song nominations. Slumdog Millionaire gets my vote for “Most Exhausting Choreography” That was a very nice presentation, from what I could see as we were thumping and twirling around in our living room.
10:02 - …and surprise surprise, Slumdog wins again. An entire nation is singing!
10:12 - I have a complaint about the “In Memoriam” part…I can’t really see the names from the camera view we had. I hardly saw the bit they had for Cyd Charisse, who I loved. Also, I know I say this every year, but we lost a lot of good ones this year. Man, I’ll really miss Paul Newman.

OK, I got sidetracked by Dave and Ben, so I’m watching the rest of the show through my DVR…

- Best Actress award - Dave thinks that Meryl Streep’s daughter is hot, and I have to agree. Angelina Jolie is gorgeous…Have I ever told you that I’m a week older than her? Kate Winslet wins, with a sweet speech about practicing for that moment as a young girl with shampoo bottle in hand. I would have liked Anne Hathaway to win, but I have a feeling she’ll be back. It’s about time Kate won, anyway….she’s our generation’s Meryl Streep. Oh, and the part where she can’t find her parents and asks her dad to whistle and he does was AWESOMENESS…I got a little teary with the cuteness of it.
- Best Actor - Come on, admit it, a little part of you wanted Mickey Rourke to win, just to hear what he’d say. I know he’d start off with honoring his dog, his best friend he died a couple weeks ago. But that was not to be…Sean Penn wins with Milk. DeNiro gave an excellent introduction for him. Sean Penn’s speech, though not as touching as Black’s, who wrote “Milk”, and a little more damning but still had the same message. Stop the hate.
- Best Picture - Yay! Slumdog Millionaire won! It’s wonderful that the world has embraced this little move (that I still haven’t watched). I love seeing those little Indian kids up on stage, so excited to be there. A nation is rejoicing, and the little movie that could wins big.

All in all, I really liked the awards show. I think that they could have used more presenters - it seemed like Sarah Jessica Parker, Daniel Craig and Will Smith were up there forever. Maybe a more coherent musical number (the one with Beyonce was too disjointed). But it was fun. Hugh Jackman did a great job hosting, even if we really didn’t see him much AND he didn’t take off his shirt.

Until next year!

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2009-02-22 21:43:42

Marilyn says

I think beyonce was totally lip syncing…altho I dunno y…she’s sucha diva–she loves proving to everyone she can sing live! Lol

2009-02-23 07:43:29

the other Tara says

Love your play by play. This was the first time that I’ve ever actually seen all of the nominated films, and it made it that much better, so I’m gonna try to do that every year (if I can). You should totally watch Slumdog when you can, i think you’ll really enjoy it. Angelina and I actually share the same birthday (although she’s 4 yrs younger and she got all the looks, lol)
I thought this format of awards kept us entertained, except for the people who gave multiple awards, yeah, that seemed to take too long. and Beyonce totally lip synched, which surprised me, but probably shouldn’t.

2009-02-23 08:55:57

Aleiah says

hehe, i’m a gossip whore, so make sure you re-watch the clip where aniston and black were introducing… aniston looked like she was gonna do to jolie what she did to that envelope!!
yeah, i like catty… *meow*

2009-02-24 14:41:00

Nino says

the best song nominations performance looked too good for the awards show… kudos to bollywood for shaking things up!

2009-03-01 20:53:08

Monica says

I didnt watch the Oscar’s this year, wasn’t interested in too many of the movies out this year.

I totally wanted Tarji P. Henson and Viola Davis to win, but maybe O will award another AA woman or man in another 5-6 years, oh, well.

And how is my boyfriend, Benny? hahaha!


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