On New Year’s Day, me, Marilyn and Fatima had a mini photoshoot with Ben and Jacob. It was much easier to pose both of them than it is when I take solo pictures of Ben - I think because they were having fun impersonating each other. Fatima and Marilyn probably have more pics than I do, since I was talking to the boys and taking pictures at the same time. The prom pose that they did kills me every time I see it. If only Maui knew what we were doing with his son when we were on the second floor!

It’s really obvious how tiny Ben is compared to Jacob - Jacob’s 2 months younger than Ben and has a couple inches and 10 lbs over him!

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2009-01-07 01:39:18

Judy says

This is sooooooo cute.

2009-01-07 09:41:36

Denizzy says

2009-01-07 10:37:45

Sue says

Two cuties!!!

2009-01-07 15:23:25

q says

here’s a tip for getting taller.

- make him love swimming at a young age, and do laps for fun; make him join ymca. the bones stretch a little longer.

- make him sleep more in the daytime, the bones have easier time to grow when there’s no burden on the legbones.



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