Christmas Pictures!

Christmas was a little different this year. Since Dave was backup for work, we couldn’t attend our annual family Christmas, so we just stayed longer at his family party (which isn’t as far from the hospital as where my family party was). Ben scored a TON of presents, though his favorite was the Betty Crocker food and pan set that I got him. We’ve got a little chef in the making! He got a lot of puzzles - he loves to figure them out, with our help, of course. He even got a present from his godfather’s dog - Brody. We also took our annual family pictures - it was pretty funny this year since we tried to get Brody in some of the pictures. It was easy to get Brody to sit still, not so easy to get Ben to do the same! My dad, step-mom and sister also came to the party, and it was great to have them there. They left a little later on to go to the other party. I missed the big family shindig - going to midnight mass, coming back to the house with piles and piles of presents waiting, someone playing santa and handing them out, then opening the presents in one big flurry of ribbons and wrapping paper.

I tried starting a new tradition at our house - leaving cookies and milk for Santa. Ben didn’t really care for it much, but he was pretty excited when he woke up on Christmas morning to see that Santa had brought him presents - one of his favorite puzzles that he always plays with at the library and a Little Einsteins musical instrument set. He had asked Santa for “bells” and I think what Santa gave him was pretty close.

We then headed out to what was left of my family party (because you may remember that my family parties are often a 2 day affair). Ben had another load of presents to open there, including a remote controlled robot from his other godfather. He’s a little young to play with it (it’s made for 6 year olds) so us big kids got a kick out of trying to figure out the 30 key remote and chasing the little kids with it. Later on, Fata busted out her new Monopoly game - one that doesn’t use fake money…it uses credit cards and little credit card machine. It was pretty cool - well, VERY cool since for the first time, I actually WON a monopoly game. The game is really fun when you’re the one getting all the money!

So here’s my pictures from the holiday…I’ve got a lot more from our activities after Christmas, which I’ll post later. (hover in the top corners to go to the next picture)

With Mickey Silly Faces With Cousins 122708_ 113 The Puzzle Master
The Estacios The Felicianos Best Friends Look At Those Lips! Brothers
Alone Time with Hippo This is Her Trademark Face Winky The Food, Pt. 1 The Food, Pt. 2
Joking Around He's a Big Kid Sparkly Pooped! Listening to Music

For more pictures, check out my flickr set.

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2008-12-30 19:14:54

Jocelyn says

Hey Christine! Love the family pic of the 3 of you! You guys look great! — Hope all is well… Happy New Year!! :)

2009-01-04 23:12:27

Monica in Bmore says

Hey Christine and family! Lovely holiday pics with the fam and Happy New Year. Hey, let me know if you’re every on the east coast me and Tiasha was take you out again, k?


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