4th of July (Vote for Redpac!)

This is several months late, but there’s a point to all this…

In July, we went to Detroit (well, a little bit outside of it) to visit Claudine and Dan for 4th of July weekend. Their neighbor across the street always puts on a good fireworks show. It was a pretty awesome show, except for the time that the cops came by and told them to stop. No big accidents, just a little law breaking. We had a great time, and some DELICIOUS bratwurst that Dan picked up while driving around in Ohio.

What was pretty cool is that Dan got his party sponsored by Greased Lightning. He got a party kit, complete with plates, napkins, t-shirts, foam lightning bolts, temporary tattoos - all the fixings for a fun party. All he had to do was submit a video to enter their contest. So click on this link to see (and vote for) the video that was made - that’s Johnny and Frank singing Greased Lightning, and my sister Fatima who’s spelling out the words with sparklers (I took the pictures). Make sure you vote for Dan’s video to win!!!

Here’s all the letters strung together:

Greased Lightning

Here’s more pictures from the weekend:

Redpac's Beer Stash Ice Wine is Awesome Tambourine Boy Carnivore Heaven The Band
Playing for Food Our Heavenly Bratwurst He Likes Rocker Chicks Party People II
Party People Fireworks Party's Over! The After Party With Lolo
Making S'mores See Steve Jump Disco Dancing Sparkler Circle Playing with Sparklers

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2008-11-15 17:47:26

Denizzy says

oh dang, the linky isn’t working for me :(

2008-11-16 14:52:09

Yano says

The link wasn’t working yesterday, but it’s working now!

2008-11-18 21:02:14

Claud says

Please vote! Views-wise, we’re getting our butts kicked by some little league-ers!


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