Autumn Leaves

One of the things I loved doing as a kid, walking home from school, was listening to the rustling of leaves as my feet shuffled through. I think it’s something that’s built into our brains - see leaves, run through, throw them in the air. Yesterday Dave and his dad got to work on raking the leaves in the backyard. Dave’s dad brought over Justin’s dog Brody, who eventually had to be tied to the hammock because he was getting too crazy. Ben was getting a little crazy as well, running from pile to pile and later picking up bunches of leaves and throwing them into the air. He was in heaven.

Simple things like that make for wonderful memories.

Seeing His Work Undone Walking Through the Leaves With His Best Friend Rolling
Clearing off the Hammock Diving in the Pile Helping Out Keeping an Eye on Him
Overhead Shot Leaves in the Air, in the Face Brody Gets a Leaf Shower He's Coming for Me!

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2008-11-12 17:20:28

Trisha says

Cute pictures.


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