30 Month Ben Update

This page needs more Ben!

Ben’s going to be in a wedding this weekend in California. Wanted to give a preview of his outfit. He’s gone ahead to LA with this grandparents (because he flies free with them), and I miss the little bugger. Dave’s at the hospital tonight too, so I’m on my own. I should be packing, but my DVR’d CSI is too intriguing. Anyway, it’s been a while since I’ve told y’all what little Ben has been up to.

  • Ben is a total poser - a poser in that when he sees a camera, he loves to pose, have me take a picture, then say “Let me see” so he could see the preview. Before taking this picture, I said, “Let’s try on your outfit and then we can take pictures.” I changed him into his outfit and right after, he says, “Where’s your camera? Take my picture!” The smile he has in here is his “gentle smile”. The regular smile is full of teeth and gums.
  • Now that Dave’s done studying for his boards, we’re able to hang out as a family. One of the things we do is just hang out on our bed for “family time” where we read books, let him jump around, and just hang out together. Ben loves this time, and at night, often requests to have “family time”.
  • He’s a skinny little guy. At his last doctor’s appointment, we discovered he’s in the lower 5th percentile for his height and weight. Even though he’s 30 months old, he still fits into 18 month old clothes (though pants are a little short, they fit his waist). He’s a horribly picky eater, some days eating normal meals, some days hardly eating anything. We’ve still got him on whole milk so he gets the extra fat.
  • Ben has a great pitching arm. Dave’s been coaching him. He’s not that great at catching, but he definitely has good aim. He also is pretty good at kicking around a soccer ball, but gets bored of it quickly. Dave really wants been to be great at sports. However, Ben’s favorite non-cartoon show is “Dancing with the Stars” so that may not happen.
  • He’s getting bossy. “Papa, you sit there” “I want chocolate milk now!” “I don’t want cereal anymore.” This kid knows what he wants and isn’t shy about ordering people around. They weren’t lying about those terrible twos!
  • This kid talks. A LOT. You know, when he turned two, I was a little concerned that he wasn’t talking a lot. But over the last several months he’s been talking non-stop. I think his longest sentence has been “I’m going to the mall with Mommy and we’re going to the store and we’re going to buy shoes!” He’s like a little parrot, copying everything he hears (you can only imagine our horror when he started reciting lines from HBO’s “Entourage”). Sometimes I have no idea where he picks things up - once he got a toy pirate hook and he held it up and said, “It’s a question mark!” He was home once when I was working, and when I came down for a break he asked, “How’s work going today, mommy?” It just made me melt into a puddle of mommy-goo. A couple months ago I finally got a DVR, because I’ve been unable to hear anything on TV because of Ben’s chatter. It’s a good thing he’s talking, but sometimes I can’t hear anything else!
  • He’s finally playing with other kids. He goes once a week to Gymboree, goes to the library every now and then, and lately has seen his cousins a lot. His favorite little person is Jillian, who in a way has become the leader of the little cousins. She’s very outgoing and makes it a point to play with Ben when he’s around. He’s warmed up to her and always asks about her. He follows her around like a little puppy.

That’s about it for now…it’s incredible how fast Ben has been growing up. These things are just a fraction of the things that Ben’s been up to lately.

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2008-10-24 08:12:14

the other Tara says

Thanks for the Ben update. He’s such a handsome boy!

2008-10-24 08:27:24

Valerie says

Awwwe! He is sooo sweet!

2008-10-24 12:28:48

Sue says

Such a handsome little man!!

2008-10-25 08:35:19

Teresa says

How handsome he looks in his suit! He will be the hit of the wedding!!!

2008-10-27 18:42:05

suki says

he has grown up so fast! you know, it only gets faster and faster. ;) handsome!


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