Alaska Scenery

Here’s one of my last Alaskan posts…I’ll probably have an “All Ben” one, but that one wouldn’t really feature much of Alaska, just Ben hamming it up for the camera.

Alaska was incredible. I would have to say that if you ever have a chance to go there, go, and if it’s a cruise, get a room with a balcony. Every time you look out of your window, it looks like a postcard. The mountains are breathtaking. As for the glaciers, well, I never thought that I’d take so many pictures of a block of ice. It’s the coolest thing to see a glacier calf (when a part of the glacier falls off into the water) - it makes this big cracking sound like thunder and falls into the water with a huge splash, creating giant waves in its wake. Every time it would happen, the whole boat would cheer. We were also fortunate to be at the Hubbard Glacier on a clear day, something that they said was rare at this time of the year.

After passing through some fog, sailing through Disenchantment Bay.
See all the mini-icebergs?

Gilbert point, the entrance to Russell Fjord

Looks like a small piece of ice, but look closer, to the right
It’s bigger than it seems!

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To see the whole gallery, click here. You’ll see all of my pictures I’ve posted so far as well as some I haven’t. You’ll also see a lot more description in the photos.

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2008-10-15 09:21:26

Valerie says

Love the pictures! You are a great photograher! What is the make/model of the camera you used?

2008-10-15 10:48:26

Yano says


Thanks! I have a Nikon D50, and use the 18-55mm kit lens for the wide shots and general use. Other lenses I had with me were a Sigma 70-300mm macro lens for macro and zoom shots and 30mm lens for my food shots.

2008-10-15 16:02:41

Teresa says

AWESOME pictures!!
And, Congrats to Dave! I know you must be so proud!

2008-10-15 22:59:22

Marie says

These are so freaking beautiful. Thank you, Yano!

2008-10-17 01:40:55

Nino says

Your pictures take my breath away. Congrats to Dave, by the way! Thanks for sharing such wonderful memories!

2008-10-17 17:22:20

Trisha says

Beautiful pictures again, Yano.


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