The Colors of Rum

The Colors of Rum, originally uploaded by Yano.

Time for my weekly Bokeh Wednesday shot…

This one was taken at Claudine and Redpac’s place during their 4th of July shindig. I don’t think I’ve posted pictures from it yet, hopefully I will someday.

I’ll probably be posting my massive New Kids on the Block post sometime today…you know you want to read it. :-P

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2008-10-08 12:45:39

daysies says

you better hurry up with the NKOTB post!!! :)

it was great seeing you over the weekend! i need to plan better next time so we can hang out longer…

2008-10-08 13:44:49

Nino says

Many times, standing in the liquor aisle… deciding which bottle? Decisions, decisions… In the end, the Captain usually wins.


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