Alaska Family Pictures

As I may have mentioned before, I went on vacation with Ben and my in-laws. Dave didn’t come because he was studying for his board exam. It was a perfect time for us to go to Alaska, because I’ve always wanted to go and Dave’s not a fan of non-tropical/snowboarding-free vacations. Having my in-laws around was a great help, because they would take care of Ben if I wanted to explore a little bit (I liked exploring the different towns, Dave’s dad liked hanging out on the boat with Ben).

In today’s vacation picture installment, I’ve got the various family pictures. I’m not in a lot of them because I’d rather be behind the lens than in front of it. Also, Ben will have his very own “solo shots” post, because he’s such a ham that he had a TON of pictures taken by himself.

I’m using a different gallery program for these shots - if you want to go to the next picture without having to close the picture, hover your mouse near the top right hand corner of the photo and you’ll see an arrow appear. Click on it and you’ll go to the next picture.

Behind the Visitor Center With Koda In Front of the Visitor Center Ready to Ride the Railroad Forehead Kisses Ma on Deck 1
Icy Strait Photo Op Tallest Baby in the World At the Glacier 1 Formal Night Ben and Lola Formal Formal Night with the Grandparents
Asleep at the Mendenhall Glacier Ma and Pa in Front of Mendenhall Small Boat Harbor at Skagway A Cloudy Day at Sea Ma and Pa with the Millennium Having a Great Time
Steamed Crab Lunch With a Real Life Lumberjack Silly Faces Formal Night 2 With a Showgirl Dancing the Night Away

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2008-09-28 19:11:06

marilyn says

awesome pictures! ben looks so happy! lol

2008-09-28 22:03:56

Rhonda says

Don’t mean to comment from the dark ages, but I made the monkey cupcakes you blogged in 2006, and they were the greatest ever!! I got so many compliments you’d think I was a professional…and I’m NOT! I HAD to thank you for sharing your photos and instructions.
Happy blogging.
Rhonda from Oregon

2008-09-29 10:20:05

Nino says

Wow. Great shots and what a memorable family trip!


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