Alaskan Cruise Pt. 1: The Food

Since I had around 2200 pictures that I took during my Alaskan vacation (who knew I would take so many pictures of a block of ice?!?) I’ve decided to break down my pictures into several groups, with today’s being FOOD.


This is my third cruise, and I have to say that the food during this cruise was pretty awesome. However, having been on Norwegian’s “FreeStyle” cruise last year, I think I prefer not having a set time to eat. You see, for most cruises, you have a set dinner time that you have to attend, which I can understand - so they can make all the food all at once. Also, you’ve got assigned seating. I guess you can request to have a private table, but that’s unlikely to happen. In our case, we were seated at a table for 10, but there were actually 12 of us there since the other group that was seated with us had two children. If you’re a social person, I guess sitting with strangers for your whole trip isn’t a big deal, but when it comes down to it, I suck at small talk. Luckily, my mother in law is pretty good at it.


Now you don’t have to eat in the main dining room for the general sitting time, you could always go to the cafe and eat, but the food isn’t as good, and there isn’t much selection. It was pretty much pasta or pizza, with some exceptions.


But as I said before, the food was pretty incredible. I think I only had one dish that I wasn’t incredibly fond of, but everything else was tasty. Our waiters were great - you get the same waiter for the cruise. He got to know Ben and that he was pretty much going to have a hot dog every night, as well as chocolate ice cream for dessert. Outside of the main dining room, the food was still excellent. There were many choices for breakfast (we had it in the cafe, not the main restaurant) though I’m a little disappointed that Eggs Benedict wasn’t an option. Ben enjoyed pancakes, fruit, eggs and bacon every morning and I swear it’s the most I’ve ever seen him eat - he had to have gained at least 2lbs during the trip!


Outside of the cruise ship, the food was great as well. We had crab legs, fresh steamed crab, salmon sushi and all sorts of great stuff. However, I would have to say that the most disappointing thing I had during my trip was salmon chowder. It was pretty much potatoes with a dash of salmon. Eh!


So without further ado, here are my food pictures, starting off with my favorites:


Mussels in Puff Pastry with Sauce

Poached Pears with Blueberry Sauce and Ice Cream

Escargot with Garlic Herb Butter

…and here’s the rest:

Mussels in Puff Pastry and Sauce Chicken Coq Au Vin Poached Pears in Blueberry Sauce DSC_8271 French Onion Soup Rose Wine Sorbet
Beef and Chicken Medallions Chocolate Mousse Cake Seafood in Broth Escargot in Garlic Herb Butter Braised Lamb Shank Tiramisu
Whole Crab Lunch Beef Carpaccio Fruit Cup Beef Stew Bread Pudding with White Chocolate Sauce Salmon Chowder
Seafood Ceviche Lobster and Shrimp Baked Alaska Tomato Soup with Goat Cheese Prime Rib with Yorkshire Pudding Ice Cream Cream Puffs and Chocolate Sauce

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The other Tara says

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Marie says

Holy crap. WANT.

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Trisha says

It’s too bad all this food is so time consuming to make. If it weren’t, you could make it at home.

2008-09-22 08:14:46

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holy deliciousness!!! gimme!!!


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