The Second Happiest Day of My Life

The pre-Ben happiest day of my life happened 5 years ago today. I was planning on writing so much more today, but I’m sneezing and congested, and we had two parties we went today. It’s been a busy day for us and I just have under an hour to make this post before it’s technically tomorrow.

So yeah, Dave and I got married 5 years ago - it’s incredible how quickly time has gone by, and how much our lives have changed. Married life is never a fairy tale, and it takes some work, but we have grown so much together and it’s all worth it. I don’t want to sound like a cheesy Hallmark card, but essentially, it’s been a awesome, happy, loving five years.

I’ve been scanning all my wedding negatives over the last several months (we had our wedding before most photographers did weddings digitally), but haven’t had a chance to finish them. Be on the lookout for pictures, though…most of them are done, and that was my goal - to have my wedding pictures up, finally, after five years!

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2008-08-23 23:35:52

Steph says


and you ain’t lyin’!!! Marriage is not a fairy tale. Who knew you had to work soooooo hard at something? hahaha But it really is worth every second, even when you want to rip your hair out and his, too.

I still remember you guys going out and you coming back engaged with photos of the ring on the pillow, and all that mushy stuff. And now you’re the mom of one of the cutest kids I’ve ever seen in pictures. WOW!!!! We’re getting old!!!

2008-08-27 09:18:28

Ami says

Why does everyone suddenly need to know about your arranged marriage?

2008-08-24 16:41:26

Teresa says

Happy Anniversary - what a cute picture, can’t wait to see more!

2008-08-24 22:24:14

Marie says

Happy Anniversary, Yano!


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