I Feel REALLY Old Now

Happy birthday to my “little” cousin Marilyn, who turns 21 today…

She started out a little dramatic baby 21 years ago:

…the the beautiful drama queen she is now:

Pretty, isn’t she? But of course, I’m not to talk - me and my fluorescent yellow Guess sweatshirt up there. I have no idea why we’re all so serious - we were happy kids - really!

I remember 21 years ago, getting the call that she had just been born and they were planning on naming her “Margaret”. I scoffed at the name, and later found out that they named her “Marilyn”, I’m assuming after Marilyn Monroe who had died 25 years before she was born. Since then she has never failed to live a boring life, just like her namesake. She’s like a little sister to me - she still calls my dad “Daddy Vic” because we used to babysit her a lot when she was young.

We’ll be going out this weekend for some good times - I’ll be sure to take some pictures and report!

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