Girls Night Out

My best friend is in town this week, so Dave took over the Ben-watching duties for the night and I went out with the ladies. We met up at a club in the suburbs - I thought I hadn’t been there before, but it turns out I had. There were three of us out, two of us had kids, and my friend from out of town is still living the single life. We had an awesome time just catching up on gossip, talking about our lives, and best of all, reminiscing about the lives we used to have.

It’s funny - back in the day, I wondered how I’d ever NOT want to go clubbing all the time. I loved to dance! It was so natural, so fun back then. Now, a night out takes a lot of planning beforehand - schedules need to be coordinated, kids need to be babysat. Once you get there, the music just isn’t as good as it was when you clubbed all the time. When something good comes on, you dance and have a great time, only to be disappointed when the DJ puts something crappy on afterwards.

But I had a good time hanging with my ladies. We had a lot of good laughs on the dance floor and sitting at the bar, making fun of each other and laughing at uncomfortable situations.

I also find it incredible that I came home at 3am - I was thinking my body wouldn’t last after 1am. But I’m up and could go for another half hour - I guess I’m not as tired as I thought I was! I’ll go to sleep now - we’ve got carnival/birthday fun going on tomorrow!

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2008-08-03 04:02:39

Where You At?! says

The music never is as good as it was…

2008-08-04 13:11:17

Marie says

I’m 25 and I don’t even go out now. I suddenly feel bad. :/


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