Bringing the World Together

Once upon a time, a guy who had quit his job decided to wander around Asia. His buddy was videotaping him in Hanoi and suggested that he do his signature dance, which he started to do in every location he went to. His videos ended up being quite popular, and he got a lot of fan mail asking him to dance in their countries. He even picked up a sponsor who loved what he was doing and wanted to help him out - no strings attached. So he told his fans he was going around the world again, and this time, to join him.

The following video is the result of that 14 month, 42 country journey:

I love this video…it just makes me feel happy! The music fits the mood perfectly, and it’s so wonderful to see all the people dancing. Sure, you can say, “how much money is he spending?” or “how much gas was spent shuffling this guy around the world?” (comments I’ve seen on the video in youtube) but I feel that this video is worth it. He wasn’t taking private planes, or bringing around a 10 person entourage, and he was sponsored by a company. This isn’t a big production - just a guy traveling around the world who wants to dance.

You can visit Matt’s website here: “Where in the Hell is Matt?”

You can visit his youtube page here: MattHarding2718

Happy Monday!

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2008-07-14 11:51:58

Marie says

Darn, you beat me in linking this! Have you seen the 2006 video?

2008-07-14 12:24:35

Nino says

That’s awesome! Thanks for sharing!

2008-07-14 12:25:41

katherine says

this was neat! i love the dance in India! too bad he didn’t come to Hawaii! oh welll, guess there is always a next time.

thanks for sharing.

gotta go dance now!

2008-07-17 17:54:22

daysies says

that was a great video!


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