Mini Post Mania

I’d like to take a second to talk about all my mini posts that have been popping up. The lovely Mizz Denizzy brought up that the mini posts are a bit difficult to read, and I just wanted to let you all in on the process behind those posts.

I’ve been using two programs/social networking sites lately (frankly, I’m not sure what they actually are). One is twitter. Essentially, it’s just a box that you can enter what you’re doing or thinking, and you can see what your “friends” or people you are following are up to as well. It’s a lot faster than taking the time to write up a post with a subject - but the drawback is you only have 140 characters to work with. Most of the time, though, that’s all I need. Before twitter, there’d be so many times during the day that I’d think to myself, “This would make an awesome post!” but never have the time to write about it. But with twitter i just have to open my app on my taskbar (I use twhirl to make quick updates in twitter) and type in whatever I want. Even better, if I’m out of the house, I can text message my thoughts to twitter to update my page. There’s also a function where you can reply to other people’s twits (tweets?) by putting an “@” in front of their user name. Twitter has gotten really popular - Barack Obama actually has a twitter site that has updates as to what he’s up to.

The other site is Plurk, which I’ve only been active in since last week (my internet crack dealer Walter sent this one over to me). Plurk is similar to Twitter, but the interface is different, as well as the whole feel of the community. Twitter is more based on the person - “Let me tell you what I’m doing”. Plurk is more of an interactive place - where it’s a lot easier to reply to people’s “plurks” and have discussions. Think of it as a discussion group for people with ADD. It’s a lot more social, and a lot more fun than twitter. The only downside (to me, anyway) is that there’s this reward system called “karma” that gives you points based on certain things (or takes them away). Some people on the site are karma crazy and that’s all they talk about. Me? I really don’t pay attention to it. Oh, and if you’d like to join, enter a comment and I’ll send you an invite - I get karma points for inviting friends. Not that I care about karma points. :-P

So ANYWAY…I’m rambling.

I didn’t like having a separate Plurk area and a separate Twitter, so I used a function to import my Plurks into twitter. Everything is in one place. It gets a little weird, though, because plurks are usually in the third person, so they look odd in twitter.

Also, I want to keep some record of my twits on my blog, so items that are in twitter are posted to my blog. Usually this happens mid-day, which I hate, but that would account to the one day delay you see in some mini posts. I’d been kicking myself for not keeping track of Ben’s milestones, and having my twitters in my blog is a great way to remember these times. It fits the way my brain moves a thousand miles a second.

Any time you’re reading the mini posts and you see a line that starts with a colon (”:”) that means it was a post in my Plurk account. Any time you see an at sign (”@”) in a line, that means that I’m replying to someone else’s twitter, which, unfortunately for you, you can’t see. So they’ll probably make no sense to you.

So, I hope that helps. It bugs me that my blog is littered with my mini-blogs, but time is a luxury I no longer have. I’m also going to be changing this layout within the week because the current default layout has some crappy coding.

Man, I ramble a lot at 5am.

Here’s a pic of Ben!

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2008-06-21 11:36:02

daysies says

i love that you’re on Plurk and Twitter more. i feel like we’re getting to know each other more. even though we’ve known each other since we were babies, i think you get what i mean. plus Plurk is faster than having an IM chat in some ways.

i try to make my plurks and tweets make sense on Twitter because i have a lot of friends on Twitter that are not on Plurk… and i don’t want them to miss out on my 140-character blurbs of wisdom… and i want them to be able to follow just my tweets without all of them being disjointed. having the ” : ” as the Plurk identifier does work for me as well as the 3rd person speak.

yeah, i can’t believe you’re still up! (at the time you wrote this post.)

2008-06-22 14:56:54

Where You At?! says

thanks for the explanation. been busy here too, and couldn’t help but think i’m missin out on something. i’m back on twitter btw… i like twitter for those random thoughts i’ll never remember later. just wish i could post pics by phone without verizon adding a whole commercial to it.

big smiles!

2008-06-24 10:53:16

Denizzy says

Thank you for the explanation! Mini posts much easier to read now. :)

Sorry to hear the baby is sick. Hope he’s feeling better soon.


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