Mini-Posts for 2008-04-28

  • just got back from a nice night with @yahooza and friends. we’re all older, yet still the same #
  • 2am, time to sleep! #
  • it’s so gloomy and dark outside. what happened to spring? #
  • @tombert awww, what a sweet husband! and yeah, she IS the coolest! #
  • doing some site tests in German. it’s kinda fun. "In meiner Zeitzone anzeigen" translates as "Indicate in my time belt" #
  • riding high on my moment of triumph after programming my cable remote to control my new DVD player #
  • i feel like we get an unnatural amount of wrong numbers at our home phone - half of them by people speaking Spanish #
  • aww man, i just came downstairs to witness what seems to be a pivotal scene in "The Departed", a movie i have not watched yet. Boo. #
  • ben just said "volcano" and it took me about 5 minutes to figure out what it was. he’s so cute. #

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