…But He Won’t Do That

What Meatloaf Would Do

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2008-04-25 05:17:10

bumblebootie says

hehehehe… silly. =P

2008-04-25 09:35:04

Noemi says

2008-04-26 00:01:37

Melinda says

I saw this image, and thought of the song but couldn’t remember the whole song. Just na na na, but I won’t do that. So I decided to google the song, find the lyrics, and then leave some remarkably clever comment about the song.

Then I realized that the song was performed by Meat Loaf.

Then I realized, OH, that’s the JOKE! Meat loaf sang the song, and he would do anything for love, but not that - OH I get it now.

Yup. Definitely unbelievably lame. That’s me.


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