Three More Days…

…until Benjamin’s birthday extravaganza!

As I said before, I hate planning parties. Even more so when I have to work a lot and work on the party on the side. Thanks to everyone for their suggestions. Tyson, we’re going with your balloon lady. Rachel, Ben’s cake is going to be from the bakery you had emailed me. I’m always paranoid if something is going to be good or not, so having referrals from friends is always comforting.

It’s a lot of stress, making the invitations, figuring out who is going to be invited - how many people are going to fit into the room we rented. There’s a lot of politics in terms of the ratio of how many friends vs. how much family vs. how many of our parents friends to invite. Since Dave and I both come from big families, it’s hard to limit the invite list. Next year - it’s Chuck E. Cheese, man!

So the invites have been sent, the food has been ordered, the cake will be ready, the balloon artists have been contacted. The next big thing I have to do is work on the goodie bags for all the little rugrats that are coming, which I’ve calculated to be about THIRTY.

If you haven’t been invited, sorry, you can pretend you’ve been invited and make your own balloon animals as if you were there.

I know I said I was going to send out crappy invites, but come on, would I ever turn away an opportunity to play around with photoshop? No way!

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2008-04-18 08:49:44

gina says

what a cute invite! sounds like it’ll be a nice party. have fun!

2008-04-20 14:25:57

katherine says

great job!

i knew you could do it!

the invitation looks terrific and i’m glad you didn’t go with the crappy invites.

don’t forget to enjoy yourself at the party!

have fun!



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