My Baking Soda Couch

A couple weeks ago, Ben had a really bad cold. Luckily, he wasn’t feverish or fussy, but he had a pretty nasty cough. A couple times after a coughing spell he even threw up a little bit. One night, we were about to go out for dinner, and Ben had a little coughing spell and I saw the tell tale lip smacking that signaled he was about to throw up. This time, however, was a big puking spell. His poor little body kept on heaving and heaving and he started crying because he couldn’t understand what was going on. He had thrown up all over his clothes and all over the couch. My in-laws took him up for a bath while I was left to battle the mess on the couch.

Luckily we’ve got easy-to-clean microfiber couches, so I just got a washcloth and wiped off what I could. I had to search all over my couches to make sure that it was OK to use soap on them, but finally I found the tag that said “W” which means it was ok to use water soluble cleaning agents on the couch. So I rubbed some lemon scented dishwashing liquid on the affected areas as well.

Then we went out for dinner and when I got back, the couch had dried off.

The next day, I was working on the couch (my “home office”) and I realized that there was still a really bad puke smell. It made me want to puke. I went on the internet and searched “puke smell on couch” and saw that a good layer of baking soda would do the trick. So I went to the 7-11, got some baking soda, wet down my couch and sprinkled the baking soda all over the seat of the couch (using a wire strainer to give some uniform coverage).

I was pretty concerned that I wouldn’t get all of the baking soda off once it dried up. But after several hours, I brought out the vacuum cleaner and used that brush attachment that Ben likes playing with so much. Surprisingly, the vacuum picked up all of the baking soda easily. The couch passed my “nose on the fabric” test and there was no more smell.

Watch out Martha Stewart!

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2007-11-29 12:02:44

Nino says

Thanks for the tip! We’ve got an all-microfiber living room…

2007-11-29 17:12:44

daysies says

WHOA i have to try that! we have microfiber couches downstairs and they’ve seen their fair share of dog pee. *yuck* i wonder if i have baking soda at home. i have to try that (since the dog peed on it yesterday.) :(

2007-11-29 17:18:40

daysies says

now that i think about it, people put boxes of Arm & Hammer baking soda in their fridge to soak up the smell. it would make sense to put it on couches and things to soak up those smells, too!

(sorry for all the comments… i didn’t even think of searching for “puke smell on couch”)

2007-11-29 17:13:26

daysies says

your couches look almost exactly like the ones i have!

2007-11-30 13:22:10

Teri says

Good to know!


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