Ben Meets Benny the Bull

Pre-Game Lightshow

Pre-Game Lightshow

On Friday we went to the Chicago Bulls home opener. The game sucked except for Tyrus Thomas, who had an awesome game. I haven’t been to a Bulls game in a while, so even though we never led the game and we lost, it was still a fun time. This was Ben’s first Bulls game, and he behaved like a champ. I think he was overwhelmed for the first hour or so, with all the lights, fireworks and crowd noise. After that, he danced and clapped and flirted with the woman next to us.

The highlight of the night was when Ben met Benny the Bull. During halftime he was signing autographs in one of the stores, and we waited in line to meet him. We were one of the last people they allowed to get an autograph and picture. I told Dave to hold up Ben next to Benny, but when our time came, Dave was holding Ben next to Benny, and Benny took Ben into his arms and hoisted him up on his shoulder. Ben was laughing and smiling and he was thrilled to see Benny. (Ben has a thing for furries) I guess Benny does this often, because he was great at entertaining Ben.

By the end of the game, Ben was getting fidgety and grumpy, so two and a half hours were perfect.

Benny and Ben

Ben and Benny

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2007-11-04 10:41:10

bumblebootie says

yea… we were at this game too! the bulls opening always gives me they chills… especially when i see all those highlights from the past years on the big screen.

oh! since ben likes benny so much, i’ll come over with my benny mask to entertain him. yea. i’m a dork. i bought one… and worth every penny. hahaha…

oh! and one more thing… i *heart* tyrus.

2007-11-05 15:38:28

Yano says

Aww, you bought a Benny mask? I was debating on buying one, but A) $$$ and B) I don’t him to think his mom is Benny the Bull.

Too bad I didn’t know you were there, we could have met up for pictures or something!

2007-11-06 11:33:49

bumblebootie says

hahahah! ok… we’ll just let him think he has a tita benny. =P

there were actually a lot of people at that game who i didn’t know were there until it was already over… boooo… yea. it woulda been cool to get some pictures together. awww! that would’ve been funny to put the mask on benjamin & have him take a pic with benny! hahaha… next time…


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