Yano’s Wild Kingdom

The other day my father in law was over making dinner on the grill in the back deck. I was washing dishes and he popped his head in the door and loudly whispered, “Christine, come out here!”

“Hold on, I’m doing dishes…”

“Hurry! You have to come out here quick!”

I came over by the door and he pointed to my backyard. When we bought the house it came with a hammock in the back. Since Dave is crazy about his lawn being green, he always takes it down and rolls it up when he’s done so the hammock doesn’t affect the lawn.

Standing above the rolled hammock was a opossum. He was moving slowly off the roll. “Did he come out from inside the hammock?” I asked

“Yeah, he crawled out from the middle. I guess he was sleeping there. I think he may be dying.”

“Nah…he’s ok.” I said as I went back in to finish the dishes.

A couple minutes later my F-I-L rushes in again and exclaims, “It’s dead! That thing is dead!”

“No, he’s just pretending to be dead. That’s what opossums do, they pretend to be dead when they’re scared.”

“No, he’s dead. I poked him with a stick.” Clearly, my F-I-L is not scared of rabies or sharp little animal teeth.

“He’s pretending…” I said, and continued with the dishes. He went back outside to check on the corpse.

In popped in his head once again - “He’s gone! He ran away while I was talking to you …you’re right! He was only faking it!”

Yep…that’s what opossums do.

Then a week later, Dave found this big guy hanging out on the deck.

At first we thought it was a beaver…but of course, it’s your average woodchuck. But isn’t he a cutie?

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2006-09-26 13:20:47

Joy says

How much chuck could a woodchuck chuck if a woodchuck could chuck wood?

2006-09-26 13:57:21

SusanG says

Adorable! While I was meditating last night something BIG was rustling in the bushes out front, fumbling with the bird feeder and scrabbling claws across the porch. But I’ll bet hewasn’t this cute

2006-09-26 20:01:45

Trisha says

Very cute. Your F-I-L is braver than I am.

2006-09-26 22:42:54

Shannon says

i hate remember the posse in cali at your apartment? that was crazy!

2006-09-27 06:52:08

Pridey says

Ummm, Yano… Ummm that’s not an Opossum, that’s a groundhog. :) Opossum’s have a really nasty looking tail and they aren’t too friendly. They are quite ugly critters. If you see an Opossum durning the day, he most likely has rabies. However I didn’t know that groundhogs played dead. Oh and you might want to check your Hamock, I bet there is a hole in it. LOL They like to chew! Look around your yard, I bet there is a big hole somewhere, that would be his home. It’s will have a front door and a back door, maybe the back door is in your neighbors yard. LOL He’s cute. :)

2006-09-27 11:37:28

Sue says

Yikes!! That woodchuck has some serious claws on him. He does have a cute face.

Check the hammock, the Opossum might have a nest in there.

2006-09-27 23:38:11

Yano says

Pridey - Yeah, the possum ran away…the woodchuck here came a couple days later!

Sue - we unrolled the hammock right after the possum came…

2006-09-28 06:42:00

Pridey says

OOPs missed that. Sorry. :)


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