Prayers for One Eyed Estacio

Today has been a crazy day. Really crazy. And tomorrow should be even crazier by a mile.

Over the last couple weeks, I’ve had some problems with my eyes. A little fuzziness, and little bright floaters in the bottom corner of my eye. Didn’t really think much of it. Then I realized that I had switched my contacts - my left was in my right and vice versa.

But that didn’t change anything. Actually, over the last couple days, the bright spots got even bigger. I’d be just about to go to sleep, in a dark room, and I’d see bright spots in eye…and just the left one.

So yesterday, I was thinking to myself, ‘You know what? This isn’t going to get better, it’s just going to get worse. I should really see a doctor’. I haven’t seen an eye doctor in about 6 years. I should be seeing one regularly, but I’ve just been lazy. That, and I hate going there, almost more than the dentist. Since my eyes are pretty bad, I go through a lot more testing and torture than the average person. Last time I went to a doctor, they had told me that I was so nearsighted that my retinas were getting strained. Your eye is a ball, right? When you’re nearsighted, your eye gets a little oblong, more oval. The more nearsighted you are, the more oblong your eye is. And lets say I’m close to legally blind. Which means my retinas are really stretched out.

So of course I thought it had something to do with my retinas.

So finally I pulled out my insurance card and tried to figure out how to go about finding an ophthalmologist to check out my eye. Finally I found one that was close to where I’m staying, and I called to make an appointment. And it went a little like this.

Her: Hello?
Me: Hi, I’m not a current patient, but I want to make an appointment.
Her: Are you currently having a problem or is this a checkup.
Me: Actually, I’ve been seeing little floating lights in my eyes for a while.
Her: How long?
Me: About three weeks.
**she asks a couple more questions**
Her: Let me see if we have anything available.
**listening to hold music**
Her: Are these little blinking dots, or big flowing spots?
Me: Flowing spots.
Her: Can you hold on?
Me: Sure.
**more hold music**
Her: Do these spots move around in your field of vision, or do they stay in one place?
Me: One place. Lower corner of my eye.
Her: Please hold…

By this time, I was thinking that something was up. I’m in support, and we only do that ‘please hold’ deal when we don’t know what to do or if a problem is really bad.

Her: Can you come in at 5pm today? We have an opening.
Me: Do you have anything tomorrow?
Her: Well, you should come in today.
Me: I’m at work, you see, and…
Her: You should come in today.

Something in the tone of her voice told me, ‘This isn’t a request, get your ass in here TODAY, girlie!’ So I agreed.

So I stuck my head in my bosses office, and quickly explained the situation and said I had to leave early. He seemed pretty cool with it.

Got home and Dave took me to the doctor.

The assistant ran a couple tests, which verified to me that I am blind. (she asked me what letters were up there, and I was like ‘WHERE?!?!?’ and I could only see a light shining, and when I put on my glasses it was a fat ass ‘E’ on the wall)

Then they dilated my eyes, and the doctor checked me out. He shone a REALLY bright light into my eyes as he examined my retina. He then asked me to bring Dave in the room and explained that my retina had detached. Essentially, it had stretched out so much that it was no longer attached to my eyeball, and there was fluid in the space where it detached. That, my friends, is not a good thing.

He told us that he was going to page an eye surgeon to see if he could do surgery that night. But he was unavailable. My doctor said that I had to have surgery done immediately, because if I waited any longer, it could detach further and my central eyesight would be affected. Currently, it’s only my peripheral eyesight that’s is affected by the detachment, but the tear could go down to the rest of my retina.

After paging several surgeons, there was one that was currently in surgery that said he could see me once it was done. So then we were told to go to the ER of a nearby hospital so the doctor could see me. After waiting an hour or so, we were able to see the doctor, who explained the retinal damage to us, and then the surgery. It’s too much to go into right now, so click on this link to see what’s going on.

Detached and Torn Retina

It’s pretty scary. I was under the impression that it would be laser surgery, in and out of the hospital and back to work the next day. However, they’ll be using a general anesthetic on me, which means I’ll be asleep, and the surgery will last at least 50 minutes as the repair the damage to my eye. In total, I’ll be in the hospital for half the day, counting all the pre-surgery stuff and post surgery stuff. I’ve never been in a hospital before - not for treatment on myself. Never been in surgery. There’s always a first time.

The chances of everything going OK are good, but I’m REALLY nervous for some reason. I know it’s only eye surgery, but these are my eyes, man! Everything is happening so fast. In a matter of hours I was normal, and now I’m someone counting down the hours until surgery (7).

The recovery is 2-4 weeks, and I can’t work during that time. Normally, I’d be ecstatic, but what am I going to do for two weeks if I can’t see? I’m sure you all will be happy to know that I’ll be wearing a patch for a couple days. At work, before we knew how bad it was, we were coming up with nicknames for me (not knowing even that these nicknames were foreshadowing the future). Names like One-Eyed Estacio, Winky or Patch. Personally, I like Winky.

So yeah. There’s butterflies in my stomach now. Who knows what will happen!

Wish me luck!

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2004-07-19 22:04:51

Marilyn says

*kiss*kiss*big hug*


2004-07-19 23:12:26

Sarah says

I’ll be thinking of you…I’m sure everything will be fine…but it is scary to go through that…xoxo

2004-07-20 00:07:33

chris says

oh no! I’m sure you’ll be fine, but I’ll be praying for you nonetheless! good luck!

2004-07-20 00:34:54

stephen says

I’m your fan.

Wish you good luck too!


2004-07-20 00:56:27

tiffanie says

I’m sorry to hear about your eye. I’m sure the surgery will go perfectly. Rest up.

2004-07-20 01:22:23

Pooh says

scary.. but good luck!! you’ll be fine

2004-07-20 03:37:32

Pridey says

Take care Christine! I’ll be thinking about you all day. Don’t worry everything will be fine. Sounds like you have great doctors to take care of you.

Oh and by the way, I had been putting off my eye exam, (I too am lazy) I’m making an appointment today!

2004-07-20 06:08:46

Tysha says

Good Luck!

I’ll keep you in my prayers.

2004-07-20 06:22:09

Amy says

Good luck. I’m thinking of you. Take care of yourself during those 2 weeks!

2004-07-20 06:39:48

Redpac says

Winky is the nickname of the other Asian Christine that I help to blind. Your new nickname is Sike, as in Cyclops.

2004-07-20 06:56:53

LeeN says

good luck girlie girl! you’ll be in my prayers, but i’m sure everything will be fine. =)

2004-07-20 07:08:04

Tex says

From one blind girlie to another, MY PRAYERS ARE WITH YOU. I’m sure you’ll be fine, but it’s totally understandable why you’re nervous.

Just think of it as another two weeks you have to get things settled. Well, once you can start lifting things again. So, I guess you can just think of it as a time for Dave to wait on you hand and foot. Oh darn!!!

2004-07-20 07:14:43

bumblebootie says

awww… hope you’re better soon. me and fata will come visit you.

2004-07-20 08:15:46

jamie says

good luck christine… hope all turns out well

2004-07-20 09:56:12

Mike says

Christini!! Take care of those eyes!! This kind of thing reminds me that I should not sleep with my contacts in my eyes. :| But, good luck to you, hope everything turns out well. Maybe now you’ll be a candidate for Lasik eye surgery. ;)

2004-07-20 11:01:55

chattykathy says

take care, Christine! your eyes are very precious. i should know since Tom wasn’t blessed with good eyes (he’s got retinitis pigmentosa). i’ve never had to see an eye doctor since i don’t wear glasses, but when i finally did, everything was okay.

2004-07-20 12:06:26

Luna says

No worries Winky….You should be fine!

2004-07-20 12:27:16

April (lil ape) says

Wow Yano, that’s a lot to things to happen in short span of time.

Prayers are with you, and I’m sure One-Eyed Estascio will be back on her ship terrorizing the shores soon!

2004-07-20 13:09:39

Joe says


We’ll be thinking of you. Good luck and god speed in those 50 minutes…

Joey & Charina

2004-07-20 13:35:37

janet says

Oh my Yano!!! After having premature cataracts in both of my eyes and Just having had my last surgery a couple of months ago, I understand your nervousness.

Of course, I am perfectly fine, now but it is scary when they have to mess with your eyes. Yours is a wee bit (understatement!!!!) more serious than mine but I am sure you’ll be just fine.

At least you do not have children (teen agers) who I embarrassed with my eyepatch. I showed up at my daughter’s school and she was horrified. Everyone started asking her if her Mom had her eye taken out.

You’ll be fine–prayers and thoughts!!

2004-07-20 13:39:37

Lara says

I send you big hugs & prayers!!!! You will be your old two-eyed Estacio self again in no time; I am sure of it dear. My thoughts are with you.


2004-07-20 15:29:18

Trisha says

Will be thinking of you and, umm, Tex is right - good time for the hubby to baby you.

Might as well get something good out of it.

Good luck!

2004-07-20 16:40:42

Sue says

I will be thinking of you too Christine. I know you will be fine and let your family take care of you for a while.

2004-07-20 17:04:03

SusanG says

Christine I know all about retinal detatchments. I’m so glad you’re going to get this surgery, and I’ll keep you and Dave in my constant prayers. All that love and positive energy going up for you will move the Universe. Hugs and have faith dear..


2004-07-20 18:17:35

Wally says

2004-07-20 18:36:34

Jerry says

You’ll be fine! Aint nothin’ but a thing!

2004-07-20 20:57:27

sharina says

oh, i’m sorry to hear about your eye. that’s scary, i’m nearsighted too and my glasses are really thick.

anyways, goodluck on the operation! you’ll be fine ;)

2004-07-20 22:31:03

Tia says

good luck girlie! you’ll be just fine!

2004-07-21 07:16:13

ex-DK_sam says

mmmmm…. general anesthetic…. Huh? Where was I? Oh yes! Best wishes, Wink-ster. Everything will be aight! My thoughts and prayers are with you.

2004-07-21 08:23:03

Mona says

Everything will be alright. I am thinking of you though. Hopefully you can read our support during your recovery.

2004-07-21 09:50:28

Noelle says

Holy sh*t. I go away for a couple days and come back to this. Yikes! I guess you must have had the surgery already. Please order your sisters or someone to let us know how you’re doing… your vision is such a precious thing, but I’m sure you’ll come through this fine.

I want to wish you good luck but I figure it’s behind you already, so best wishes my dear for a speedy, painless and complete recovery!



2004-07-21 10:11:46

marky says

good luck yano… everything will go just fine.

2004-07-21 10:39:33

soo says

Best wishes to you on a speedy recovery, Christine. I’ll say a prayer for you.

2004-07-21 11:45:45

Key says

Oh my Christine! I hope everything goes well and that you get back to work soon. Or maybe you’d rather get back to work later? =) I had a scratch on my left eye from build up on my contact lens once (I used to never take out my lenses. Bad, I know) and I had to wear a patch on my left eye for a few days. I thought I looked like a monster. =D Keep us posted!

2004-07-22 20:07:43

Tall Steve says

Thankfully you caught it in time best wishes for a speedy recovery.


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