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July 06, 2004
Change Your Links!

I'm switching my main page to index2.php. What does that mean? I'm not entirely sure. However, if you're looking at this site right now, and you see '' in your address bar, then you probably have your 'Favorites' set to point to the wrong page (because, of course, the page is one of your favorites, right?). Update your favorites to point to '' and you'll be redirected to the right page. Either that, or the page from whence you came has the index.htm in their link.

Does this make no sense to you? Just comment and I'll try to help you out.

If you don't see my Ten on Tuesday entry above this one, then it means that you need to make the change!

Sorry for the trouble. But I needed to switch for a reason!

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July 05, 2004
Vote Aramis to the All-Star Game

Just doing my part to bring one of my favorite Cubbies to the All-Star Game.

Click here to vote for Aramis Ramirez!

Aramis has had an awesome year so far, currently leading the Cubs in RBI's and was second among third basement in the All-Star ballot. And it looks like I'm not the only one who thinks he should be on the all-star roster:

"When I was told (I made the All-Star team), the first thing that came out of my mouth was, 'Did Aramis make it?'" said Alou, who was selected as one of the NL reserves. "I'm just hoping he makes it. I'll get online myself and vote for him. If there's one guy on this team who deserves to go to the All-Star Game, it's him."

Congrats to Sammy Sosa, Moises Alou and Carlos Zambrano on making the All-Star team! Remember to watch it on July 13th.

Every vote counts people!

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July 04, 2004
Happy 4th of July!

Been really busy lately.

Just wanted to wish you all a happy and safe 4th of July!

Don't burn any of your fingers off, y'hear?

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July 02, 2004
Who Wants GMail?

First 2 people to post here get a GMail invite from yours truly.

What's GMail? Google's email service that gives you 1GB of storage space (1,000MB) and some cool features. It's still in beta so there are some things that it's still missing, but it's still pretty cool.

Do you have GMail and don't know what to do with your invites? Donate one to the troops! (I've donated one already) Check out this site where you can give a gmail invite to one of our Wil Wheaton is involved, so it can't be a scam. (Because Wil is always right)

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Photo Friday: Father

A Kiss for Daddy: Saginaw, MI - May 2004

I don't have access to my desktop right now, so I can only post pics that I've already got uploaded. I don't have any good pics of my dad uploaded. Anyway, this is one of my favorite pictures from Manny and Rachel's wedding. Rachel's father just has the kindest eyes. He was a lot of fun. We were putting shimmery glitter on ourselves on the side during this picture, and after taking it he was like, 'Can I have some shimmer too?'

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July 01, 2004
I Don't Understand It, But It's Still Cool

Wally had given this to me a while ago...

Touchgraph GoogleBrowser

Basically, it tells you what sites are related to the site that you enter. It uses a google search to make the relation. Then it shows you what sites are related to the sites that are related to your site. I think. OK, I have no idea. I don't have the patience to read the instructions.

But it looks cool!

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June 30, 2004
Work Complaints

I work for a pretty small company, maybe about 25ish people. I'd like to say that most of us get along since we're all around the same age. In a small company, I believe that you should really watch out for each other, there shouldn't be the cut throat competition that you see in larger companies. I'd like to say that most of my coworkers are like that.

But I ran into a bit of shadiness the other day. As you know, I travel a lot for work. As of late, my travel schedule hasn't been TOO busy, so my calendar is pretty flexible. I recieved a call from one of our sales people and she had asked that I keep a certain week free and pencil her in, but that it wasn't set in stone yet with her client. I said sure.

Then I was on a call with some prospective clients and another sales person, and they had asked for the same week. The sales person had asked if I had that week free, and I told her that the other salesperson was working on a deal that week. 'Do they have something signed?' she asked. I said no. So then she told the clients on the phone, 'If you get your papers signed before they do, that there's nothing they can do but reschedule.' It's not like she tried to negotiate another day, or that she'd get back to them after working something out with the other salesperson, she tried to go in and steal that week from the other salesperson.

I should have just said that I was busy that week.

So now the whole thing has blown up, with both of them at odds with each other, one saying that she had that week first, the other saying that without something signed, she shouldn't commit my time. It's so ugly.

I'm glad I'm not in sales.


Yesterday I went to Ruth's Chris Steakhouse with my client. It was about 6pm when we got there, and it didn't look like it was busy at all. We went to the hostess (which was actually 3 women standing around waiting for someone to come in) and asked if they took reservations, in case it was a reservation only place. The woman looked in a book, looked around, and said seriously, 'We may be able to fit you in.' And she wasn't trying to make a joke. I looked around, and the place was almost empty. She then asked, 'Can I have your last name?' And my client spelled out her last name, 'M-O-N-T-E-R-O'. (of course I'm not putting her real last name here). The hostess wrote it down, asked us if we've been there before, and and scribbled something onto a yello post-it. She then handed it to another hostess, who took a look at it, then handed it to another hostess. The last hostess took a look at it, and said outloud, 'Montero? Party of two?' and looked around to find our party. And we were the only ones there....she had been standing there the whole time while this was happeneing. It was so funny I wanted to laugh out loud...were they trying to look busy? It was obvious that the place was empty!

It reminded me of that one scene in 'Meet the Parents' when he's trying to get on the plane and the attendent said he couldn't get on because they were only calling rows 10-20, even though there was no one else waiting for the flight.

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June 29, 2004
Hanging Out in Jersey

I don't have a rental care while here in Jersey, so basically I'm stuck here in my hotel room. I was thinking of getting a lot of site work done, but I've gotten sucked into movies on cable. Earlier today, I watched 'The American President', which was a very cute movie. But I missed the end of it since I was on the phone. After that, I toggled between Law and Order and Freaky Friday. The latter won in the remote control war. It was a really cute movie.

Now I'm watching Law and Order: Special Victims Unit. I love that you can catch this show on TV almost every time you turn on the TV. I think Helen Slater is in this one, but I'm not sure. If it is, she's gotten old. Remember her as Supergirl and in The Legend of Billie Jean? Great 80's hits right there....right now she looks like the love child of Courtney Cox and Ellen Degeneres.

I don't know if I've been to this Jersey client since I've started blogging. This client was one of the first client sites I went to, long ago when I first started traveling, maybe about 4 or 5 years ago. My main contact here is one of my favorite clients. She's the sweetest lady. She had just had her first child when I first went out here, and her second child is already a year old. If I was to have a mom that was a client, it would be her. She is the sweetest Italian Joisey lady and we always have a lot of good laughs together. I always enjoy my time here and she always makes me welcome.

It's so weird, knowing a client for so long. She's known be when I was just a little tadpole in the company, way before me and Dave were engaged. It's been fun to talk about the changes in our lives since we first met. We have a great working relationship, and this is the kind of consulting engagement that I don't mind being at....

But I'm still a little homesick.

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