August 11, 2006

I Take Baths In Public

I had a big party a couple weeks ago, for my baptism. I'm really not sure what a baptism is, but it seems like it's when a whole group of people get together to watch a little baby take a bath in a big house.

It was time for my bath, and I was fussy with anticipation. Then mommy put me near the big bathtub, and the grumpy old man put some water on my head. It felt nice and I wanted more. But then he waved me off, mommy took me away, and the bath was was time for another kid to have his turn. What kind of bath was that? I didn't even get to take my clothes off and mommy didn't get to sing her bathtime song.

Later on we went to the same place where Tita Claudine had her party. Everyone wanted to hold me and carry me around. I made sure to look extra cute so people would remark about what a cute baby I am. I got a lot of cool gifts, like hand puppets, hats, shoes, books and a giraffe.

It was pretty tiring, but it was a lot of fun!

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