July 18, 2007

My First REAL Post

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"This is my first post that I have typed up myself. I love typing on the computer, it's fun!"

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September 14, 2006

My Future Wife

So did y'all see those pictures of little Suri Cruise? Isn't she a hottie? She's my future wife - us babies with full heads of hair have gotta stick together! I know there's a lot of drama with her daddy, and Mommy says he's "Cuckoo!", but you can't blame a gal for who her papa is. Uncle Sam in Hawaii says he's a good man so Mommy said she'll give Suri's papa the benefit of the doubt. Anyway, sorry I've been gone for a while. Mommy's been busy and I've been learning how to crawl.

Here's some pics of the future Mrs. Benjamin:

- I Love Looking in Mirrors
The Future Mr. Suri Cruise

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August 11, 2006

I Take Baths In Public

I had a big party a couple weeks ago, for my baptism. I'm really not sure what a baptism is, but it seems like it's when a whole group of people get together to watch a little baby take a bath in a big house.

It was time for my bath, and I was fussy with anticipation. Then mommy put me near the big bathtub, and the grumpy old man put some water on my head. It felt nice and I wanted more. But then he waved me off, mommy took me away, and the bath was over...it was time for another kid to have his turn. What kind of bath was that? I didn't even get to take my clothes off and mommy didn't get to sing her bathtime song.

Later on we went to the same place where Tita Claudine had her party. Everyone wanted to hold me and carry me around. I made sure to look extra cute so people would remark about what a cute baby I am. I got a lot of cool gifts, like hand puppets, hats, shoes, books and a giraffe.

It was pretty tiring, but it was a lot of fun!

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July 26, 2006

My Manly Bonnet


That's me in my baptism outfit with the bonnet that came with it.

Mommy's been busy in meetings and going to work all the time. She's pretty tired when she gets home so she doesn't have time to help me update my blog, much less her own. So I just wanted you guys to know I'm still alive. When I get a chance I'll talk about my baptism.

- My nails grow at the speed of light

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July 16, 2006

Ben, In Drag

Today is my baptism. I'm not sure what it is, but Mommy tells me that it officially makes me a member of the Catholic Church. I don't know what kind of benefits I get as a member because everyone seems pretty cool with me going to church right now, I don't see how things would change if I was a member. Maybe they'll let me go in line and get one of those wafer things...they look yummy.

I got this outfit from a granduncle from far away. I guess it's really nice, but I think it's for girls, because it's a dress. Grandma tells me that in the old days all babies wore something like that, and even showed me a picture of Papa wearing a similar thing. I dunno, I prefer pants. When I have the dress on my feet get stuck in it when I'm kicking around.

I'm really excited for today, I guess a lot of people are coming out to see me! Also, Mommy says that I get to take a bath in the church, and that if I stay quiet and don't cry she'll be really happy. I'll try my best, but if it has to happen, I'll make myself heard!

Anyway, here's me in my dress.

Ben...In Drag

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July 14, 2006

Answering Tita Kimmy

Tita Kimmy asked several very thought provoking questions in the "Ask Ben" thread, and I've got some free time today so I'll answer them...

which came first, the chicken or the egg?
In my case, it shall be the chicken. Why? Because doctors suggest to keep egg whites away from babies until they are at least one year old, in case of allergies. However, chicken is just fine!

why does earth only spin one way on its axis?
Did you ever see the movie Superman? There's that one part where he spins around the world and turns back time. So if the earth were to start spinning the other way around, then time would start turning back, and that wouldn't be fun because after three months of that happening I would revert to a fetus, then 9 months after that I would pop out of existence. You wouldn't want that now, would you? That's why the earth spins one way on its axis - so Ben can live!

why do we have black hair?
So you know who to go to when you need your math homework done.

why is it...?
This one I actually had to do research for...I know what an ellipsis is, but not from where it came...though it's my Mommy's favorite punctuation to use in printed text next to the exclamation point.

In printing and writing, an ellipsis (plural: ellipses) is a row of three dots (...) or asterisks (* * *) indicating an intentional omission.

That's all for now...I need a nap!

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July 09, 2006

I'm A Quarter of a Year Old!

...that is, if my math is right...if I'm wrong, well, hey, I'm only three months old, what do you expect?

Anyway, I'm three months old today! Mommy took out her baby book and did a check on all the milestones I should be having by now, like being able to smile socially (I love to smile!), starting to hold up my head with no help (I did that at 2 months, yo!) and other things. I'm right on track, baby!

There's no party today, though I think there should be one.

Here's the picture that Mommy posted on her website, but I've decided to add some captions to let you know what I was thinking when I took the pictures...

- "I'm Three and I Like to Pee"

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July 06, 2006

My Hands Do Stuff!

Thanks to everyone who submitted questions...I'll get to them when my busy schedule allows it.

Guess what happened today?!?!

Fine, I'll tell you.

Mommy put me in my papasan because she wanted to eat some lunch. I'm being extra fussy today because I feel that she's not giving me enough quality time. So to keep me entertained, she attached the papasan toy tray that has a rattle and some other toys.

First, I made my annoyed grunting sound that I like to make when she leaves me by myself. As I was waving my arms around (for effect - it makes the grunting that more theatric) I hit one of the toys on the tray. AND IT MADE A SOUND WHEN IT HIT THE OTHER TOY! At first, I couldn't figure out what happened, so I waved my arms some more. Then I hit it again and it made a sound again!

So after a couple minutes my incredible detective skills led me to deduce that when my hand hits the toy, it will make it hit another block and make a sound. I tried out this theory several times. It actually kept me busy for a whole 15 minutes before I realized that Mommy should have been done with her meal and should be coming to get me.

That's my amazing news, folks. If you haven't figured it out yet, I'm here to tell you - if you move one plastic object with some force into another one, it will make a *clack* sound.

- Hands are for grabbing hair

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June 30, 2006

Ask Ben!

Noelle had asked my Mommy if there would be an "Ask Ben" section, so here it is! Feel free to ask me questions and I'll do my best to answer them. Of course, I have a busy schedule consisting of naps, feeding and pooping, so it may take time to get through them, depending on how many there are. But ask away, it will give me some good ideas on topics to talk to you all about.

I'll also keep a link to the "Ask Ben" section on the sidebar once this thread passes through so you all can ask questions whenever the fancy hits you!

- "I'm a Boob Man"

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June 29, 2006

I Have Found My Throne

My grandparents often call me "The Prince" since everyone pretty much waits on me and caters to my every whim. I'd like to consider myself "The King" because being a king is better than being a prince. I mean, Mommy can't be a king because she's a girl. Papa can't be a king because he's a doctor. So since there's a vacancy, I will gladly promote myself from Prince to King. King Benjamin.

And what kind of King would I be without a throne?

Mommy found the perfect one for me. Since I've already achieved neck control - actually, not to toot my own horn but I lost that floppy head action a long time ago, I can use my new chair. It's called a Bumbo, and it's a big foam chair that is made in South Africa. It's awesome! It's won a whole bunch of awards and it's on a whole bunch of "best" lists. Mommy did some research on it and rarely found anyone that was disappointed with it. One reader even said "It's the best thing to come out of South Africa since Charlize Theron!"

That's enough of an endorsement for me!

I love to sit in this chair! I can sit at the dinner table with Mommy and Papa, or on Papa's study table so I can help him study. It lets me sit upright so Mommy doesn't have to hold me up all the time. I can just chill out and enjoy the world from my tiny view.

Here's some pictures of my new best friend:

I'm trying out the seat for the first time

I like it! It makes me smile!

Here I am giving stock advice to Papa

With my new chair, I can see eye to eye with Papa...almost

I will now stop calling my seat the "Bumbo" and now christen it "The Benbo".

Because it's all about me!

- "gurgle gurgle"
King Ben

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