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October 04, 2007

Come on Cubbies!

Yesterday's loss was a heartbreaker. Carlos Zambrano did a great job holding back the Arizona offense, but after being taken off in the 6th inning, our bullpen just couldn't do it (I'm talking to YOU, Carlos Marmol!). But really, I can't blame Marmol. Our offense just could get it together. Props go to Brandon Webb for some really great pitching for the Diamondbacks.

Cubs manager Lou Piniella pulled Z out after the 6th, which is causing some controversy in the sports pages - Why pull out Z who was doing a great job and who has it in him to pitch the whole game? Lou says he's keeping him fresh for Game 4. But that's only IF there's a game 4. We've gotta win one for a game 4 to happen. Even with everyone questioning, Z holds no grudge:

"Whatever they say or criticize Lou about the decision, he's the manager," Zambrano said. "He's the one who guides us. Whatever decision he makes is good. Let's say he brings Marmol in and he does his job 1-2-3, and we win the game. Nobody talks about that."

Zambrano did lobby for more.

"I said, 'Let me pitch one more,'" Zambrano said. "[Piniella] said, 'That's enough.' He's the manager.

"You know me, I want to pitch every game. I can throw 120 pitches. It's better like this -- I can pitch on Sunday, and 85 pitches was enough. We have a good bullpen, so let them do the job also."

Cubs can't back Big Z in Game 1 loss

So keep your fingers crossed for tonight...if we get a win, then I get to go to game 4 on Sunday!

Posted by Yano at October 4, 2007 11:01 AM


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