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October 01, 2007

Poor Little Cubbies

Not our Chicago cubbies, but our little Amur tiger cubs at the Brookfield Zoo:

Tiger cubs recovering after attack by parents Chicago Tribute 11:46 AM CDT, October 1, 2007

Two tiger cubs injured Sunday, apparently by their parents, are recuperating after surgery, Brookfield Zoo officials said this morning.

One cub had its right front leg amputated and its tail repaired during a two-hour surgery. The other was in surgery for an hour to repair its tail.

"Both cubs are alert, navigating well and displaying typical tiger behavior ... all good signs at this stage in their recovery," zoo officials said in a statement.

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Turns out, the cubs were in their enclosure with their mom, Tiara, who have been off-exhibit since their birth in May. Their enclosure is next to their father, Robecki. The male cub was sticking his paw through a small opening between the two pens and his father did some pretty bad damage to it. The damage to the cubs tails was the mother trying to pull the two cubs away from the opening to protect them.

Who would have thought that the cute tiger in the picture below could attack his own kin?

More news here.

Poor little cubbies.

Posted by Yano at October 1, 2007 12:47 PM


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