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September 27, 2007

Adventures of My Wolf Boy

I took a break yesterday night from working to practice my photoshop skills. I found a couple cool actions that made photos look like comic books. The end result wasn't exactly to my liking, but I tweaked them until I came up with something I liked a lot. I had several pictures of Ben that I had wanted to make into a collage, but I was inspired to make it a little comic strip.

I had been doing some retail therapy and found the cutest wolf hat for Ben. Even though it was for an 18 month old child, it seems that the wolf hat is too small for my big headed child. But he looks so damn cute in it! At first, he was OK with the hate, but then realized that it was making his head hot (or maybe felt weird on his head or messing up his hair) and he wanted it OFF. Now, whenever I put it on, he immediate takes it off and throws it far away.

Anyway, here's my little strip (click for a bigger view):

Ben, the Wolfboy (comic)

Here are the original colors:

Ben, the Wolf Boy (original)

Posted by Yano at September 27, 2007 10:19 AM


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