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September 01, 2006

TV Guilty Pleasures

This is a little add-on to my list from yesterday...Just wanted to talk about my little guilty pleasures...

Project Runway

I love this show. When I was younger, I wanted to be a fashion designer. I would look at my aunt's pattern books and trace the model's bodies and sketch them completely new outfits. I had a notebook where I kept all my sketches, though I don't know where that book is now. That's why I adore this show, the desginers have such amazing imaginations and the challenges they get really bring out some amazing designs! Here's my thoughts on the remaining designers:

- Kayne : His style is so extravagant. He can be a little too much, and sometimes I'm surprised he's pulled some of this stuff off. However, I love his personality. He makes me laugh. Also, wasn't it the cutest thing when Michael was trying to teach Kayne how to walk the catwalk?

- Michael : To tell the truth, when I first saw his sketches on the pre-show I thought his designs were a bit too bootylicious and skin tight to make it far in the show. But he's definitely proved me wrong! He's got an eye for what fits well on a woman, and he's great with his execution - I have yet to see something he's made that doesn't fit his model well. He knows what works! He's definitely a favorite of mine for the finale.

- Jeffrey : I have mixed feelings about Jeffrey. Sometimes I feel for him, like when his eyes lit up with affection when his mom walked the runway or when he felt so much emotion after Robert Best left. Most of the time, though, I find Jeffrey to be a complete jerkoff. He was horrid to Angela's mother, and this week he was so mean to poor Angela! She's not the best designer, and can get really annoying sometimes, but she didn't deserve to get treated like that. I was hoping one of the other designers would ask him to stop harassing her, but they didn't. He's an ass - he's brilliant with his designs, but I can't wait til he's kicked out.

- Laura : I cannot believe that this woman has five kids (working on her 6th) and has such impeccable style. It's so clean and sophisticated. I wonder what she's like with her kids, though...when they had the dog challenge it almost seemed like she was repulsed by it. Laura has been gliding under the radar so far, making nothing spectacular, yet nothing that would make me want to vomit, much like Angela did.

- Uli : I love Uli, and I love her style. I don't know if she'll make it to the finals, though, because sometimes she gets stuck in a design rut - her designs are all starting to look alike. There's one thing about having your own special "look" and another when you're doing the same thing over and over again, but with different patterns.

- Vincent : He's CRAZY! Not crazy like he's going to crack and shoot all the other contestants, but crazy like "crazy Uncle Bob". He's like a mad scientist of fashion, working in his corner mumbling to himself and laughing like a maniac when he comes up with a crazy, off the wall design. I don't see him in the finals but who knows...Santino was crazy and he made it last year!

Celebrity Duets

Jai Rodriguez owns this show! He has amazing stage presence, a beautiful voice, and great chemistry with whoever is on the stage with him. I really enjoyed seeing Lucy Lawless sing, and she looks incredible. I never realized she was that tall! Michelle Williams, from Destiny Child, shocked me. Not with her performance, but with how skinny she is! Her head looks too big for her body, I was afraid she was going to topple over because she looked like she was standing on toothpicks. Then I realized it was her legs. And what's up with Little Richard? Half the time I couldn't understand what he was saying, he was so loopy and weird! Marie Osmond would just not shut up with all of her advice that poor David Foster never had time to talk. I'll probably watch this again...depending on if there's anything on television that's better that night!

Real World Road Rules Challenge

I haven't been keeping up with the show for the last few weeks, but I saw the latest episode the other night. I'm pretty happy to see Wes and Casey in the finals, because everyone was shitting on them for the whole season. I only hope that Wes isn't a dick to Casey and yell at her like he's been doing. It's because of her that they got that far! I wish that Diem was still on the show, I know that she could have used money she could have won for her hospital bills.

Posted by Yano at September 1, 2006 03:51 PM


i LOVE project runway! =) And yes, Jeffrey is an ass. And Michael is definitely one of my faves too... =) God, I loev tivo. hahahah... ;P

Posted by: bumblebootie on September 2, 2006 11:06 AM

I Love Project Runway, I'm so hooked on that show!!! I'm rooting for Michael to win!! He's been one of my faves since the beginning. Ugh want Jeffrey off, he acts like he's the greatest thing ever. bleh.

Posted by: Jennifer ( The Jen!!!) on September 2, 2006 03:46 PM

project runway is a fun show :)

Posted by: on September 4, 2006 10:48 AM

Everyone at my work is obsessed with Project Runway, including my male boss!

Posted by: noelle on September 6, 2006 07:32 PM

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